Best ESO Templar Guide
Best ESO Templar Guide

The Best ESO Templar Guide

Through reviewing the best leveling guides for the Elder Scrolls Online, we have read practically all game, strategy, level, gold and character guides out there. Normally, we like our job but aren’t necessarily blown-away. The best ESO Templar guide developed by Killer Guides however, is the exception to this rule. What an amazing piece of character creation art. Yes, you’ve heard correctly, character creation art. For all players, nooby as can be to the most experience Dragonknight slaying Templar’s, this is the guide. Below we have summarised the basics of what such as guide is based on. But you can imagine the marvels hidden in a 50-pages thick masterpiece dedicated solely to the Templar. Find a copy to get your game-play to the next level here.

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The Templar

The most diverse class in the Elder Scrolls Online is without a doubt the Templar. Introduced in World of Warcraft as the Paladin, the Templar can be a caster, healer, tank or damage dealer, both in AoE or focus. It is due to their wide range of abilities and varied skill trees, that these will be the most varying class you will come across while travelling through Tamriel. Whether you wish to be a light armour wearing healer or heavy armour supporting tank, it is all possible with the Templar, making it a great class to explore into depth using the best ESO Templar Guide. On top of that, it is an amazing class to play as you can completely change your plaining style at max level without needing to go through an the entire Leveling process once again.

Aedric Spear

Although there is no spear included, the name is pretty awesome. This skill tree focuses on full offence through the use of holy and light magic spells, making this the way to go if you’re looking for a DPS Templar. On top of that, this tree offers some great AoE abilities making this a very interesting class to play and perfect.

Dawn’s Wrath

The Dawn’s Wrath skill tree is also a damage and offensive focus tree, much like the Aedric Spear. However, it also offers a range of debuff skills, crowd control options and abilities that best come into play when grouping up with allies. Making the difference between this tree and the Aedric Spear the focus on whether a player is looking for solo (Aedric Spear) or group (Dawn’s Wrath) play. One could also argue that the first is the better DPS and the latter the better tank, but this is of course dependent on a great deal of other factors as well.

Restoring Light

Finally, here it is. The focused healing skill tree. This tree is all about being the healer of the group and keeping your allies alive, removing negative affects and supporting your friends to victory. As this is arguably the most important role in any dungeon or raid party, make sure to become a master of your trade.

Armour & Weapons

Templars can use all armour types. But most commonly, you’ll see players choosing the heavy or light versions as described in the guide. Tanks will be wise to choose the heavy armour option, in combination with a one-handed weapon and a shield, where casting or healing Templars will most likely opt for the light armour option for the magic effects.

Most DPS focused Templars will go for the mighty two-handers or will dual-wield their way through the game. Although a might two-handed mace or sword is something most players find intuitively the most attractive option for this class. The healing of casting Templars will generally choose staffs. Healers might choose the Restoration Staff for the full healing spec, although their Restoring Light Skill tree already makes them potent healers without it.

Recommend Races

Due to the wide ranging nature of the Templar, you’ll see a lot of different races being used for this specific class. The best ESO Templar Guide by Killer Guides goes into more depth on the specific benefits of each race for the Templar, but overall anything from High Elves, Bretons, Redguards, Orc, Nords to Dark Elves will make very popular options for this class. Depending on the preferred playing-style of course.

Make sure to read on about the amazing work of Killer Guides here.

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