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Beat making software can create amazing songs and beats in any genre from rock to club to jazz music. It can be immensely versatile and a brilliant outlet for a creative mind. No longer is the realm of the professional beat makers limited to those who can afford expensive recording studios. Beat creators like our #1 rated product – Dr. Drum – and our #2 rated product – FL Studio – give advanced possibilities with intuitive interfaces that are bound to be appealing to new users, beginners, advanced users, and professionals alike. 

The top of the line beat makers in our review list make music production available to anyone at very reasonable prices, while avoiding the need for expensive equipment often required with track and beat creation in the modern music industry.

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  • Dr. Drum
  • FL Studio
  • ACID Music Studio
  • MAGIX Music Maker Premium
  • BTV Solo

Dr. Drum

The best of the best. Dr. Drum provides an advanced but accessible interface, combined with an intelligent and capable beat creator that can assist you in reaching your creative vision. Providing options for multiple-track editing and song creation, it is great for increasing efficiency, making the most out of various projects at the same time. It is as close to a professional beat creator that you can get without shelling out thousands of dollars. Great for users of all abilities and with great tutorial, developer and community support, Dr. Drum sets the standard for high-quality, high-impact, low-cost beat production.

FL Studio

An extremely attractive interface, designed to be easy to look at, even over long periods of time. This is the first sign that shows FL Studio  is a beat creator crafted by those who know exactly who they are designing for. A powerful and robust beat maker, it contains a modern and sleek interface, with great introductions and tutorials for new and inexperienced users. All the while providing a solid set of features for those who are skilled users or are ready to start using the beat program to its fullest. Designed with sleek performance at heart along with intuitive design, FL Studio is highly-recommended and suitable for any user.

ACID Music Studio

ACID Music Studio is not for the easily-intimidated. But overcome any initial reservations about it’s somewhat tricky but neat interface, and you will find a product that contains a huge raft of features to create fantastic-sounding beats. The useful and powerful function of matching tempos automatically, no matter how many tracks you add into the creation, and a well-implemented timeline, allow for many creative possibilities. Professional-sounding tracks can be created with very little work in comparison to some other beat creators out there. Great for advanced users or more casual users unafraid of having to learn the ropes.

MAGIX Music Maker Premium

MAGIX Music Maker Premium is a highly innovative beat maker with a fantastic unique design. Individual sounds and instruments are represented through color-coding, and this presents a beat creator that is not only extremely navigable, but also fantastically efficient and user-friendly. You can edit minute details very quickly and this versatility lends itself to creating great-sounding tracks in minutes. Also containing all standard features done to a high-quality such as timelines, multiple tracks, MIDI keyboard and computer keyboard substitution, but combining innovative features with these, makes MAGIX Music Maker Premium a must-have for users of all calibre and experience, especially those who do well off visual editing and design.

BTV Solo

BTV Solo does not try to be more complicated than it needs to be. A simple beat maker, with everything present in an easy-to-use single window. This is not the beat making software of professionals, but it is a highly useful piece of software for those starting out or wanting to experiment in creating beats. It provides a somewhat unique feature to detect and match your tracks to the beats per minute of another track or song of your choosing, allowing you to use any influence you might want to take from another tune and put it onto yours, a creative and welcome feature. BTV Solo is not for advanced or intermediate users, or beginner users hoping to become professional as it does not provide a good lead-up to what might be considered professional beat making software or give experience with a professional interface, but it is fantastic for someone who wants a simple starting point or just wants to edit straight away and isn’t planning on making a long list of complicated edits.

Best Beats

What is beat making software?

When people think of the best beat making software, often they are thinking of a studio lined with hundreds of thousands of dollars’ worth of equipment. Putting it firmly out of the reach of a majority of people and placing the music or the beat-creating industry out of their reach. But the modern day of computing has brought many innovations, and now we’ve reached a point where many, if not all, of the provisions found in a studio for creating professional beats can be done at home, on a PC or a laptop, and even picked up by beginners, meaning this is a field you can use the beat maker software found here to self-teach in, and so creating music is no longer inaccessible to anyone.

Whether your intention is to just be creative on your own, or try and create something to use publically, or even sell, the modern software available to the consumer contains provisions for doing so. The best ones, found here, contain hundreds or thousands of sounds that you can edit, change, and personalised, and easily place into many tracks. A majority also allow you to record your own sounds, voice, or audio, and remix these into the tunes you want, or even to add virtual instruments – provided by the program – into your recording. Some of the best software allows for you to craft together two different songs into a new remix, much like is done with some of the biggest modern hits.

Your created file can then be saved and shared, whether that be burning it onto a disk, or by posting it online, or even adding it to your own website – Many of these sharing features come as part of the best beat making software, or at least the possibility to export your audio tracks into compatible formats for doing so is often present.


What is the best beat making software?

The best beat creator, Dr. Drum, exemplifies everything that is needed in a great piece of production software. A hugely powerful, generously equipped, and highly intuitive program that allows professional-quality audio and beat creations to be made, it is a quality consumer product and suited to both beginners and advanced users. Its versatility is unmatched and its creative potential is next to unlimited. This is a highly recommended product and with a competitive price and creative features, it is the leading standard and the best beat making software available, however it is closed follow by FL Studio.

The best beat maker software for creating great-sounding tracks will contain very similar features to this. Interface is an especially important one – With something as complicated as this software, a great number of otherwise powerful programs can be ruined for the average user by their sheer lack of accessibility and usability. The importance and creative potential of a sleek and modern interface is huge and so having a top-notch interface that allows power users the features they need, while not intimidating other users, is paramount, but also a difficult task that many products fail at or don’t even attempt.

Great customisability and a huge number of stock, quality musical and synthesised sounds should also be expected as standard in the majority of the best beat creators. It’s impossible for the average users to create the best beats without either or both pre-recorded sounds and a customisable way of playing these. Most software includes support for MIDI keyboards or using your own computer keyboard either as a MIDI keyboard, or in place of a drum kit, or a piano, or some other instrument, allowing you the versatility of having recorded musical sounds played in your own way without the expense or effort this would normally require.


How to choose the best beat making software?

The best beat making software can be intimidating to many when first loading it up. As such, it is vitally important to purchase a product that is suited to your level of ability and how much time you want to take in learning how to use it, and use the best beat making software for you. Some provide tutorials, and they all have varying levels of customer support. So if you are just starting out, it might be beneficial to look out for a product that provides lessons, tutorials, and great peer and company support for learning, so you can make the most of your purchase.

With this is mind, one thing to always keep in mind is how useful the interface is to you. This applies to users of both casual and advanced ability. A simple and sleek interface may be best and easiest for a beginner, although fairly hard to find, but may not provide all the technical options in front of you that an advanced user might want. Almost all beat creators includes a timeline that shows track you are working one. Some more advanced ones allow drag-and-drop onto the timeline, allowing edits to be made immediately. You should expect your software to provide unlimited editing tracks, so that you can add on as many sounds and mixes as you like, and not worry about having to exchange sounds because you’ve run out of space. Some even provide a function to turn your computer keyboard into a virtual one, which negates the need to buy a MIDI keyboard, and saves you money and allows you an easy way to create the beats you want.

Many beat makers provide various sounds and various effects as part of their package. You should expect this as standard and steer clear of any that don’t. The potential for creativity that a large sound library provides, especially to those unable or not wanting to create their own audio sounds is vast. The best ones contain more than a couple of thousand sounds, and include the option to individually edit each one with their own effects, giving huge potential for creativity. Along with more unusual sound effects, many of the beat creators provide instrument sounds, virtually produced, created either synthetically or recorded from high-quality samples, again an option that provides savings and explains how these programs can replace recording studios. Linked to the sound options, you should always look out for that top beat maker software that provides audio looping options, and ignore any that don’t. With this feature you can create repeating bars or beats, which are integral to many songs of the modern and past musical eras and saves a lot of effort and time in repeating things perfectly manually.

Finally, if you are intending on exporting the audio you create, either to save it elsewhere or play it elsewhere or for any other reason, it is important to take note of which file types the beat creators export to, and whether this suits your needs and desires for what you want to do with the file. Many programs save locally and some more modern ones provide cloud storage for your files if you desire it. Help and support with the programs is as varied as it is with any other software, but the best provide 24/7 support in the form of e-mailing, telephone, and live chat support.