Game Recording Software Reviews

Game Recording Software Reviews

Recording games is not straightforward as some might think. To be done well, specialized software capable of recording high frame rates are required and on consoles, entire recording mechanisms need to be connected to capture the action.

We have gone through some of the best game recording software available and #1 in our review of 2018 is Movavi Video Suite.  Using this software, you can be sure of record in breathtaking HD videos. The software is simple and easy to use yet packs immense power. It has set the standard for the best game recorders! #2 is the Roxio Game Capture Software. Using this software, you can be sure of enjoying 480p video recording. The software ships with a video editing software.

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  • Movavi Video Suite
  • Roxio Game Capture
  • Wondershare DemoCreator
  • LiteCam HD
  • BSR Screen Recorder

Movavi Video Suite

Using Movavi Video Suite software, you can record your PC games in just one click. All the games are recorded in smooth and crisp quality that can be shared as is without need for edits. This software is rated #1 in our review of best game recording software in 2018 because apart from recording gameplay on your PC, is supports a wide range of mobile devices as well. The recorded videos can be easily shared online, straight from the software as the software is able to convert recorded gaming into acceptable formats on most file sharing website like YouTube, DailyMotion etc.  As the best game capture software in our lineup, the software also offers users a powerful but easy to use interface. 

Roxio Game Capture

With Roxio Game Capture, virtually anyone can capture gaming activity on their computers and from their gaming consoles. It offers amazing features in a simple but powerful package.  Using this software, you can record your gaming on 480p. The setup and usage of this software is very straightforward as expected from one of the best game recording software in the market. This is what makes it useful for both pro and newbie game recorders alike. Included in the package is also a very useful video editor. This software will definitely save you the need to purchase any of the expensive video editors out there. The combination of the recorder and the video editing software is undoubtedly a winning combination geared towards taking your game recording to the next level. 

Wondershare DemoCreator

Wondershare Democreator offers you powerful and professional game recording experience, making it easy for anyone to create tutorials, demos and instructional videos. The software not only allows you to create tutorials and instructional videos, you can also create voice over presentations as well, as can be expected from one of the best programs around in 2018.  The flash animation effect offered by the software means that you do not need to have any programming skills to be able to create your presentations. The software allows tweaking of recording settings and there is an enhanced editing feature as well. The simple three step process deployed by the software makes gaming record straightforward and easy.  The completed recording can be exported in a wide variety of formats and can be easily shared on popular video sites and social media platforms.

LiteCam HD

LiteCam HD offers you one of the simplest ways of recording your gaming sessions. This game recording software makes it to our list of best game recorder because it excels in helping you create very professional HD videos in very little time. Using this program, you are absolutely hitch free recording of not just your gaming sessions but virtually anything else you have on your computer screen. The software not only captures videos cleanly, audios are not left behind. This means that you can easily create gaming tutorials, teach others how to replicate certain moves or simply show off highlight of your breathtaking comeback on FIFA. The software offers an uncluttered interface but is still powerful enough to complete quick recordings.  The “Picture in Picture” feature offered by this program means that you can now easily record videos that look more professional with your face being recorded as the video is being captured. 

BSR Screen Recorder

Using BSR Screen Recorder, you can easily capture anything on your computer screen.  It does a decent job at capturing pictures, audio of course videos as should be expected of any software that can be regarded as one of the programs available. The videos are recorded in WMV, AVI, EXE, and SWF formats.  The software allows you to record your entire screen or a fixed part of it. You can equally record audio from your Microphone or simply add audio from a CD or Midi files to the game recording.  Although it is not as comprehensive as some of our higher ranked options, this software is still fairly flexible. It allows joining of two videos, cutting of certain portions of the recorded videos, changing speed, compression etc. 

Best Game Capturer

What is game recording software?

A video game recorder is basically software that allows you to record your gaming action as it happens. It works just like all other recorders but the best game capture software are adapted to cope with the challenges of recording live gaming. As a video gamer there are many reasons why you will need the best game recording software.  Generally, the best game recorders can be used in recording tutorials, walkthroughs or even videos meant for just showing off. The recorded videos end up on video sharing sites in many cases.  Using the best game capture software, you can be sure of enjoying a simplified recording process while enjoying access to powerful tools and tweaks that will make for pleasurable and hitch free game recording experience. Some of these programs are focused on only recording gameplay but some others will do much more than that.  Using some software, you can not only record, but also capture some portions of your screen. Some of the software will also allow live streaming which makes it easier for ardent gamers with an online following. So regardless of whether you are looking to entertain, educate, or just increase your popularity around the web  the right gaming software can help you achieve it.

What is the best game capture software?

One mistake many gamers make is taking the most popular game recording software as the best game recorder.  In reality, the most popular game recorders are often very limited and will only serve individual who only need an average game recorder for the fun of it. If you are looking for properly rounded video game capture software, you will have to look around a whole lot more. Thankfully, we have done all the leg work for you!  By going with our #1 game recorder Movavi Video Suite software you are virtually guaranteed of very powerful software that offers as high as 60fps game recording on a very wide range of devices and gadgets. Hot on its heels is the Roxio Game Capture software. This software is guaranteed to offer you hitch free recording with magnificent clarity. The video editing software even helps you take things up a notch or two!  It is only rated #2 on our list because you have to choose between a Standard version and the more packed HDpro version.

How to choose the best game recorder?

Choosing the the right software begins with you ensuring that your gaming console or PC has all the right tools needed for quality game recording. When you have gotten this out of the way, the next step is to have a look at the tools and options on offer from the software you are looking at choosing.

You need to compare the capability and usability of the software closely. If you are looking at a software that is very much capable but complex, you will be better served ignoring it as you will spend more time on learning the controls than actual recording and gaming.  The best game recorders must show equal balance between ease of use and power.  The best video game capture software will not lag while you are saving a video so while reading a review you need to keep an eye out for this bit.

Integrated live streaming is not compulsory but its inclusion in a program will make it better rounded. You may not need for live streaming immediately but if you continue gaining popularity over your gaming and shared videos, you will need it later on. Again, the best gaming software will allow you some flexibility in customizing and moving the hot keys around to your preferred location.

Another important feature is the ability to balance external audio and audio from your gaming console. This is important if you intend adding your voice in videos, making it a vital component for people recording gaming tutorials.

How the frame rate for a video is set, should be one of the key factors you should look at. Software that allow as high as 60fps (frames per second) should be high on your list.  With a higher frame rate, you won’t be worried about losing quality when the video is edited later on. However, in many cases 60fps will prove too high. The need for flexibility is important because it lets you be in control regarding whether you should record at 60fps or at 24fps.   Apart from the fps, you should equally be able to choose custom resolutions apart from the predefined resolutions.