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Best Photo Recovery Software Review

Photos are often a replication of some of our best life memories. They help us remember the good times spent with loved ones or time spent in exciting locations around the world.  Unfortunately, it only takes a corrupt memory card most of the time to wipe out these valuable files. Fortunately, there are many great programs in the market today that can recover those lost images with ease. The best of these programs are both easy to use and will recover not just images but other media files as well.  

In our comparison of the best photo recovery software of 2018, we have found Jihosoft to be the best currently available. Jihosoft is both powerful and easy-to-use and allows you to recovery lost images, videos and audio files from practically all storage devices. Rated second is Disk Doctors. The software also offers an easy to use interface, coupled with some advanced features geared towards increasing the probability of getting your lost photos back.

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Whether lost due to deletion or formatting, with Jihisoft, you are practically guaranteed to get all of your valuable images back. We have seen no other photo recoverer with such impressive search accuracy and recovery rates.

Due to the ability to recover images, videos and audio with the greatest precision of all programs in our comparison of the best digital photo recovery program of 2018, Jihosoft is is crowned #1 and winner of AlwaysReview Gold. 

Disk Doctors

With the Disk Doctors, it is easy to see that the program was designed to provide solutions to any category of individuals. This is due to the sleek and properly laid out interface coupled to a very fast recovery time. Using the software, it is equally easy to recover lost music and video files along with the lost images. Disk Doctors is compatible with 40 different types of images, music and video files. Since all RAW file types are covered, images created by all major professional cameras will also easily be recovered. Disk Doctors is one of the best photo recovery software options available today and a worthy #2 in our comparison. 


The Wondershare software is a product of a company with just a decade of experience but in that time they have successfully built a decent customer base spread around the world. The program by Wondershare is a great tool for a great price. Completing image recovery is often stressful but using this software, the stress is highly reduced as drives can be completely scanned and recovered in less than an hour using this program. The application is properly designed and so it is worth its position on our list of best deleted picture recovery program. 

Stellar Phoenix

Stellar Phoenix Photo is not the best image recovery software there is, but it does a decent job at bringing back lost pictures without the user having to follow a rigorous process.  With the software loaded, the individual is offered 4 straightforward recovery options, which are the basic, normal recovery, advanced mode and the resumed recovery. Although these features may look overwhelming for many users, they are easy to use and understand.

Digital Photo Recovery

With Digital, you will be able to restore your photos from a wide variety of storage devices. It is also possible to recover other media files.  The image recovery software comes in a clean simple design and is able to recover majority of photo formats.  The scan process however takes the longest time amongst all our reviewed products so if you intend using it, you need to keep this in mind and have your computer plugged in.  The support offered both on the website and on the software is not enough too. This makes the software an option for people looking for cheap photo recover software. However there must be patience to sit through a slower scan process.

Best Recovery Program

What is photo recovery software?

Image recovery software are programs which have been put together to help recover pictures lost due to severe file errors, logical errors in the storage device and other unfortunate occurrences.  The best picture recovery program will make it easy for you to retrieve files from hard disks like IBM, Toshiba, Western Digital, Seagate and more. Using such software, you can easily get back your photos from all major removable devices such as SD cards, Multimedia Cards, XD picture cards, PC cards, pen drives, memory sticks, memory SD cards, etc. Samsung, Canon, Sony, Konica Minolta and other major camera brands should also be adequately supported.

Good programs supports all video and raw image formats. This includes both standard formats like JP2, TIF, GIF, PNG, BMP, JPEG, BMP, JPG etc. and the professional RAW formats like NEF, X3F, RA, DNG, PEF, ARW, MRW, ORF, CR2 and CRW.  The video formats supported must include MP4, MPEG, MOV, WAV and MP3 as well.

Some scenarios that will lead to the need for these type of software include, corrupted file and folder, accidental formatting of hard drive and storage cards, improper handling of data cards, power cut problems, virus attacks, partition errors and accidental deletion.


What is the best photo recovery program?

All around the web, there are dozens of programs all claiming to be able to recover lost pictures but only a few of these actually do the task required by users. The majority are very poor in handling various file formats apart from the JPEG and PNG files.  Our #1 product in the comparison of the best photo recovery software of 2018, Jihosoft not only recovers images of all types, you will be able to preview and select the images you need most. The user interface is great and you will equally get to enjoy dependable customer service. Hot on the heels of Jihosoft is our #2, Disk Doctors. This product offers a good user interface and with its fast scanning and recovery abilities, you do not have to wait for ages to complete your image recovery.


How to choose the best image recovery program?

To choose the best photo recovery program, you need to ensure you choose a program that meets certain criteria. What are these criteria?

Firstly, good photo recoverers needs to have few but powerful features to help recover photos very quickly. The best software adds the filter feature and the image and drive back up feature. These will help you achieve results quickly and in a secure manner.  The process often takes time so you need to ensure that the image recovery software you choose to go with offers you the option to save and resume the scan later on. With some of the better applications, you will be able to decide which sector of your hard drive should be scanned, saving you time.

Again, the best digital image recovery program needs to have clearly marked out buttons and a generally intuitive user interface. This helps in reducing the stress that comes with attempting recovery. To make the process even easier, the top recoverers will come with a simple wizard which serves the function of taking you through process from start to finish. In addition to this, some of the best applications will come with tutorials and other helpful tips and pointers removing any questions you may have regarding the use of the software.

All the best deleted programs do not use the same technology, therefore you need to be sure you are choosing the software that offers you the best shot at recovering those valuable pictures. With some software, you can only recover a handful of supported file types while others will help you recover all kinds of file types available in the market today. It is therefore very important that you confirm if your photo file type will be recovered by the software you intend to use.

Finally, you need to be sure that there is enough help and support on offer from the manufacturers. Regardless of how a product is touted as very easy to use, it is still possible to find these products not working as supposed. It is at this point that you will need to access the help channels offered by the company. The best companies will offer a variety of ways to get in touch this is apart from the help tips bundled into the product. The higher the number of different ways to get in touch the better the customer service and support.