Best DJ Software Reviews 2018

Best DJ Software Reviews

The best DJ Software lets you mix and transition your favorite tracks seamlessly on the spot, wherever you are. Both for professional and beginner DJs, the top DJ programs offer a world of convenience by running on practically all laptops, both mac and windows. 

The most intuitive DJ programs we have reviewed are PCDJ Red Mobile 2 and Image Line DeckaDance 2. PCDJ Red Mobile took the number one spot because of its wider range of mixing and sound effects, being the best karaoke software and having the widest DJ deck brand compatibility. Both options however are easy to use and some of the most popular out there. 

For the pro DJ that doesn’t want to comprise, we would like to highlight PCDJ Dex 2 in our comparison. Both in 2013 and 2018 this professional DJ program was the most complete software solution by adding video mixing capabilities to the mix.

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  • PCDJ Red Mobile
  • Image Line DeckaDance
  • PCDJ Dex
  • DJ Mixer Pro
  • Zulu DJ Software

PCDJ Red Mobile

Packed with the widest range of features of all products in our comparison, including the best karaoke software, PCDJ Red Mobile is both the best novice and professional DJ Software money can buy. 

Intuitive enough for the beginner looking for an easy to use and understand DJ program, and advance enough for the professional looking for the most complete and full version of any music mixing software available today.

PCDJ Red Mobile sets the industry standard very high and is the winner of our Always Review comparison due to the wide range of mixing and sound effects, usability for both the novice and pro, supporting DJ deck brands and models, and its Karaoke feature. Making it the top DJ software of 2018. 

Image Line DeckaDance

Image Line DeckaDance is a DJ Software solution that impresses through its simplicity. The layout is clean and easy to understand; yet its performance is impressive enough to land it in any top 10 rating. As a worthy number two in our software comparison, it is suitable for a the beginner to intermediate DJ looking for 4 deck mixing capabilities combined with low system requirements. We would advice to choose the DVS version at a slight premium for the time-coded record control.



PCDJ Dex is a true professional DJ music mixer offering you everything you need. From mixing music seamlessly to having video mixing software capabilities, it offers you full control over all your media.  On top of that it has comes packed with the best in karaoke software and is controllable by not only mouse and keyword but over 60 supported DJ Controllers.

PCDJ Dex is one of the best and most complete DJ programs out there, aimed at the most demanding DJs. It’s user interface is easy enough for beginners and packs enough possibilities for the seasoned professional. Consider whether the access to four decks instead of two and the music video mixing software is worth the premium over PDCJ Red Mobile to you. 

DJ Mixer Pro

DJ Mixer Pro offers a complete package made up of the ability to mix up to four tracks at once, a range of mixing and sound effects and the support of both video and karaoke software. Although we are sure that DJ Mixer Pro will not disappoint and is still one of the more popular options out there, it is not the best rated DJ mixing program in our review of 2018. Granted, it has gathered its fair share of fans over the years and made it into many top ten reviews, so choose DJ Mixer Pro if you are fan of the series. 

Zulu DJ Software

Zulu music mixer might not be the best looking or the most complete DJ mixing program out there. But being the cheapest DJ Software in our comparison, it has been popular for its great value proposition for many years.

If you are looking for an affordable option to learn how to DJ and start your journey into the digital DJ world, Zulu can offer you exactly that. A basic music-mixing program for the beginning home DJ. 

Music Makers

What is DJ software?

The evolution of music mixing software has increased rapidly in recent years, allowing anyone with a passion for music to produce professional tracks from behind their pc, laptop or mac. For that extra edge in mixing your music library or to become the next top DJ, AlwaysReview has compared and reviewed the best DJ software of 2018 out there for you.

DJ Programs are specifically developed to transition tracks seamlessly, create new music altogether and play your creations at shows, gigs and events. Where in the past, DJs would bring their vinyl’s and cd’s along to every party, these days all requirements to bewilder your audience and keep the party going is perfectly stored in your laptop.

Finally, the very best and most complete music mixers also include the best in karaoke software and video DJ Software, making it a full media solution.


What is the best DJ program?

For both beginners and professionals there is ample choice. We have found the PCDJ products to be the most intuitive and complete solutions out there. PCDJ Red Mobile took the number one spot before Image Line Deckadance due to its wider range of mixing and sound effects, its karaoke program and compatibility with more DJ deck brands and models. For the artist looking for the full package and more, PCDJ Dex is the way to go. It is the most complete and user-friendly solution out there, offering the same functionality as PCDJ Red Mobile and adding video mixing software to the mix. Making PCDJ Dex the most complete entertainment solution for all purposes.


How to choose the best music mixing software?

For both aspiring and professional DJs it can be a challenge to select the top software package. To make it the choice easier, consider the following criteria to choose the perfect product:

  • Supported Platforms. Perhaps an obvious one, but always make sure your DJing software of choice is compatible with your platform of choice. There are a lot of the most popular DJ software out there capable for Mac, PC and mobile applications. Keep in mind that the mobile applications often have fewer capabilities than the desktop music mixers.
  • Features. A good music-mixing program has a wide range of different features. Ranging from MIDI mapping, which allows you to use decks that are normally not compatible with the specific program, to playlists, graphic waveforms and others. Color-coded waveforms can be very useful when differentiating the kick, hi-hats and snares within the tracks.
  • Mixing Effects. An important consideration is the variety of effects the software offers. Mixing effects offer a wide range experimentation options to make your tracks significantly more interesting. Amongst others consider options like playing songs in reverse, accelerating or reducing speed, make loops to repeat specific parts and create beat grids and preset cues to install and tweak your set before the gig.
  • Price. As with all reviews, you should compare the price of the top rated DJ mixing programs. Where the basic and cheap DJ solutions offer features, mixing and sounds effects that would still the hunger of most beginners, the professional mixers allow more sophisticated features and effects such as the supporting of video files. If you are interested in taking it to the next level this could prove a worthy investment.
  • Sound Effects. A higher number of sound effects can significantly increase the experimentation options, allowing you to create much more interesting mixes. Note that the more professional - and more expensive - the best DJ software solutions offer a wider range of sound effects, than the lower prices - and less pro - DJ programs.
  • Compatibility. No DJ program comparison is complete without a review of the programs compatibility. Keep in mind that different software packages are compatible with different DJ deck brands and sometimes even only with specific models of that brand. Unless the software offers MIDI mapping capabilities, it is of the utmost importance to make sure the program supports the particular deck models you are using. Finally, make sure to determine whether the music-mixing program can easily be integrated with your existing programs such as iTunes and Ableton.
  • Number of Decks. Choosing a software package that accommodates a higher number of decks will allow you to have more control over the application of effects and will offer increased flexibility. Most good DJ programs offer the support of two decks, but higher-end DJ applications can go up to four decks for advanced mixing options.
  • System Requirements. Always check the technical specifications to make sure you download a DJ Software right for your mac or pc. Although you don’t require a high-end system to run most mixing programs, even the best DJ Software for professionals, a dual core processor and 2GB RAM are often the minimum requirements.
  • DJ Experience. Depending on what type of user you are, whether a pro traveling from gig to gig or a DJ spinning from the comfort of your home, it is important to choose the appropriate product for you skills. Where a too simple product will not allow you to perform the more complex tasks, an advanced system might have functionality you will not use. Unless you are a professional DJ, the mid-range software usually suffices.
  • Karaoke Software. If you appreciate hosting or singing along your fair share of karaoke tunes, then this is definitely something to look out for. The most complete DJing software’s out there, over simultaneously the best in karaoke programs as icing on the cake.