Best Photo Editing Software Reviews

Best Photo Editing Software Reviews

Photo Editing Software is used to improve the quality of images taken by smartphones, cameras or DSLRs. There is a wide range of functionalities that allow you to adjust, improve or completely modify your pictures. Basic editors offer you the ability to adjust the basics such as noise reduction, lens corrections, red eyes and brightness flaws, whereas the most advanced and best photo editing software enable you to completely alter the photographs taken. 

After countless hours of editing and testing, we have found Cyberlink PhotoDirector Ultra to be the best photo editing software on the market today. Its powerful features embedded in an amazing user-friendly interface combined with its superfast 64-bit operation potential, make it the most versatile and most capable in the market. Especially priced at half of the established order such as Lightroom and Photoshop, there is no getting around the new king of the photo editing industry: Cyberlink.

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  • Cyberlink PhotoDirector Ultra
  • Corel Paintshop Pro
  • Serif PhotoPlus
  • Xara Photo & Graphic Designer
  • PhotoStudio

Cyberlink PhotoDirector Ultra

Cyberlink PhotoDirector Ultra is the best photo editing software on the market today. It is geared towards providing photographers with total control of the entire editing process, while making the process truly fun. And coming in at half the price of Lightroom, Cyberlink PowerDirector Ultra 5 packs equal the punch. It’s quick, powerful, looks like a million bucks and orders its features in a very pleasing, calm and intuitive interface. And the newest version adds another layer to that glory. The brand-new 64-bit makes it fast, the improved features such as the completely new designed noise reduction make it better, and the new tools like multi-shot HDR and lens profile-based image correction bring it straight to the top. Gone with the king, all hail the new king: Cyberlink PowerDirector Ultra 5. 

Corel Paintshop Pro

Corel Paintshop Pro is a photo editing program that brings life to flawed images.  The software is a complete toolkit for editing. The powerful software makes it easy to convert average snapshots into magnificent pieces that you will be eager to share with the world. It comes loaded with easy to use striking effects and design tools.  The software serves both new and professional users as it is easy to complete HDR editing, layers and RAW editing. The comprehensive video tutorials which come with the package, makes it easy for individuals to move away from casual editing to highly professional editing. The image editor equally supports a wide variety of image formats.   

Serif PhotoPlus

Serif Photoplus ranks highly amongst the best photo editing software in the industry today.  It is renowned for its ease of use and quality of edited images.  To help users understand the numerous features of the software, Serif comes bundled with tips which appear on the screen with the hovering of a mouse.  This makes it easy for everyone to understand how to use it irrespective of knowledge level. The user interface is not cluttered and the customization features around the software will be appreciated by both new and existing users alike.  

Xara Photo & Graphic Designer

Using this software, it is easy to transform your picture into a better looking image. With this photo editor, you can add shapes and texts to your images and also create web graphics and calendars with them.

The Xara Photo & Graphic Designer comes with very powerful editing and design tools which leave you with plenty of options when it comes to tweaking and designing your images.  All the standard tools for resizing, editing red eye, cropping and rotation can be found on this photo editor and it is equally easy to adjust color saturation, contrast, brightness, etc.  The background removal tool of the software makes it easy to remove photo-bombers, signs, wires etc. 


PhotoStudio offers a simplified approach to photo editing making it the popular choice for individuals. who are new to editing. It serves the bare minimum purpose for experts as well. Navigation around this software is easy and it works flawlessly without tasking the machine it is installed on. Unlike many photo editing software, this software can be used on Windows, Mac and Online. To use it online, no installation is required. Organization on this tool is manual as the user is responsible for creating the files. Sharing edited pictures is via email. 

Best Photo Editors

What is photo editing software?

The photography world has grown in leaps and bounds over the years.  Today, it is common to see smart phones with 20MP cameras and digital cameras with 40MP lens. This was almost unthinkable 6-7 years ago. In that time also, many photo sharing sites have sprung up and this means more picture-taking than ever. However, regardless of the quality of these cameras, it is almost impossible to be very happy with 100% of pictures taken. This is where photo editing software steps in.

Using the best image editing software, you can fix flawed photos, create a collage from multiple photos or even create pictorial presentations from scratch. This means you no longer have to delete a perfect picture because of “red-eye”, poor lighting or color presentation.

Many people erroneously feel that the software is only meant for professional photographers, but this is far from reality. You can use top image software to fix your personal pictures, party pictures, restore old family pictures or edit a “selfie”. Thankfully, photo editing has come a long way and so the best image editing software out there today, are easy to use for anyone.  With most of them, you do not need to have prior knowledge of photo editing to be able to complete your first edit and share the edited picture on your preferred photo sharing website.  This means you no longer have to worry about the limitations of your camera or the environment as you take pictures.


What is the best image editing software?

For people who understand the need for a good photo editor, settling on a particular type to use is often difficult due to the numerous options available. Many users also have their preferences so you can expect to get different answers when searching for the best image editing software online.

To find the best picture editor, you have to focus on finding a program that matches your skills as a photographer and still leaves room for you to grow professionally in the future.  While looking for a photo editor to use, think of what you wish to achieve with your edits. This will help you know the right adjustments, filters and tools required on your photo editing software. Below are important questions that can help you find the right picture software to use.

What editing tools are available? 

To be regarded as one of the best image editing software, the program needs to be well stocked in the toolbox department. Some of the essential tools include layers, color management, contrast adjustment, lighting and red-eye correction.  For advanced photographers, touch-up and cloning tools make it easy to remove skin blemishes, remove nearby people (or objects) from your photos, whiten teeth for pictures with smiles, etc.  More is often better in terms of tools but not always. It is important to keep user-friendliness in mind when selecting the best photo editing software. While some editors might offer more features, you might not be able or not want to access them if the interface is poorly engineered.

What organizing features are available?

We take a large number of pictures each day with the cameras being the busiest on event days or during the holidays. Keeping these pictures properly arranged and well categorized is very important and a good image editor should have this provision imbedded.  You should be able to categorize your pictures by rating, keywords, thumbnails, etc. Sorting by date is commonly seen with most software and smart phones but this is never enough for photography enthusiasts.

What are the sharing options?

Without the right variety of options for sharing, you will find it difficult sharing your edited pictures or transferring them to where you want them saved.  Some of the most popular photo editing software will allow you share your photos on social media, send them by email, transfer to slideshows and print them.

What picture formats is allowed?

As photography continues to improve, file formats continue to change. Therefore you need to ensure that the software is compatible with the file format you work regularly with.  The most common file formats are .PNG, .TIF, .GIF, and of course .JPG. 

What are the export capabilities?

The software leaves a lot to be desired if the saved photos cannot be opened by other programs or used freely across different hardware and online.  The best photo editing software export into practically all files types imaginably, allowing you to print, upload, share and use your pictures in every way imaginable. So make sure to check the export capabilities before choosing your editor.

What kind of support is available?

Although many of the photo editing software out there today are easy to understand and use, it doesn’t hurt to have a manual you can readily turn to when in need of explanations regarding the use of certain features. Op top of this, the best photo editors offer a wide range of contact possibilities, such as email, phone or forums, to always make sure you are completely satisfied with your purchase.

By taking the above into consideration when selecting the best photo software, you will find a program suited perfectly for your needs and one that will take you to the next level.