Best ESO Nightblade Guide
Best ESO Nightblade Guide Review

The Best ESO Nightblade Guide

While reviewing the best ESO level guides we stumbled across a very good ESO Nightblade guide. In fact, we found it so good, that we decided to give it some special attention here. The guys at Killer Guides have done a truly amazing job at getting into the nuts and bolts of the Nightblade. Any gamer, whether noob or pro, is bound to learn from the strategies and tips these guys have lined up. Below is a basic foundation of what a Nightblade guide is built on. For those interested in the real 50-page deal; find out how to get your copy of the Killer Guides masterpiece here.

If you are more interested in the best ESO leveling guide, check out the Zygor ESO guide. This is an in-game software app that guides your through the world, while informing you on potential quests and how to complete them in the most efficient way.

The Nightblade

The Nightblade is the Rogue or Assassin class in the Elder Scrolls Online. Their focus is extreme amounts of melee damage through the combination of stealth and sneak attacks. Nightblades can also used magic to either weaken their opponents of buff themselves. and are capable wielders of long-range weapons to lure enemies away from their groups. Although a very powerful DPS class, Nightblades are also a very vulnerable class requiring a lot of technique to master. If you truly want to become the most epic DPS player to have ever roamed Tamriel, there is no way around honing your skills to perfection through using the techniques from the best ESO Nightblade guide.

The Skill trees for the Nightblade are like every other class three-fold.


The name speaks for itself. This is arguably the highest melee DPS skill tree in the game. The focus, you guessed it; killing your enemy, fast. Supporting spells in this tree support this playing style and are focused on increasing your speed of attack, allowing you to evade incoming strikes, stun your enemies, reach them faster or finishing foes in low-health. This tree suites the players interested in the highest possible DPS and owning at PvP.


Although the very nature of the Nightblade is a stealthy play-style, these characteristics are strengthened by the Shadow skill tree. It’s a tree which requires a very technical play-style that gets the player up and close and in a vulnerable position. The best ESO Nightblade guide will explain how to be the best possible at remaining undetectable right before you deliver your killing blows. The skills in this tree are focused on short term invisibility, stunning and debuffing your enemies, and of course damage, lots of it. Due to these specialised skills, the Shadow tree is most suitable for players interested in sneaky solo play-style and perhaps also a cooperative play-style due to several AoE crowd control attacks.


The last skill tree for the Nightblade is the Siphoning tree. Filled with spells and damage over time attacks (DOTs), this tree is focused on weakening your foes and debuffing them. This is arguably the most versatile tree for the Nightblade class. The several regeneration, whether on magic of health, allow for a great self supporting play style throughout the game due to greater survivability. Whereas the stunning attacks can be great for crowd control when playing in groups.

Armour & Weapons

No surprises here for the experienced MMORPG players. The improved quiet movement speed and increased critical strike chances of the medium armour make it perfect for the Nightblade class. Unless strongly reliant on magic for special attacks, the added protection alone offered by medium over light armour should be enough to prefer this type of padding. However, one could argue that some players will even opt for heavy armour to go on full DPS with high durability while sacrificing their stealth abilities, although this will be an uncommon combination.

Weapon-wise, the Nightblade’s name says it all. The most common combination of weapons to see will be daggers and one-handed swords, although some characters will also wield one handed axes. Of course any weapon is allowed in the Elder Scrolls Online, but it is these weapons which most complement the natural playing-style of the Nightblade.

Recommend Races

The most obvious choose are the Khajiit with a natural talent for sneaking around. Alternatively, one could choose the Redguard race as these make for great warriors and offer useful stamina bonuses. In essence though, there are many races that can suit the play style of the Nightblade.

Of course, all of the above is but a mere introduction to the in-depth knowledge a massive 50-pages guide can offer you. Find out more in our Killer Guides review here.

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