The best ESO Leveling Guide

Best ESO Leveling Guide

The Elder Scrolls Online (ESO) is a fantastic game. When you enter the vast lands of Tamriel, a realm of endless exploration and opportunity opens up. As you venture through dungeons, raids and battles, it is the sheer amount of possibilities that is both amazing and bewildering. Whether you want to become the most notorious PvP player to have ever roamed the lands, want to reach the end-game content in a time worthy of the Guinness Book of Records, or find the most epic gear in the most efficient way, the best Elder Scrolls Online Leveling Guide can be your mentor in achieving this. 

At AlwaysReview we have spent the hours, both in game and in guide, to find you the best ESO guides out there. And let us give you a hint: The ESO Zygor guide is a game changer. Below is our overview of those guides that will make you Emperor of Tamriel in no-time. Game on!

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Zygor ESO Leveling Guide

The cream of the crops when it comes to the best Elder Scrolls Online leveling guides, or any other leveling guide for the matter, is built by Zygor. For many years, Zygor has built the most popular and widespread used game guides for the biggest MMORPG out there, World of Warcraft. And now they have turned their attention to the newest frontrunner in the genre: The Elder Scrolls Online. 

And by the beard of Zeus, what an entrance they have made. The Zygor ESO leveling guide is not just your average guide you read outside of the game, it is an actual in-game software application that points you in real-time in the right direction. Yes, you have read correctly. Zygor will accompany you through the world of Tamriel and literally point the sweet spots out to you. And oh, did we mention it has a specialised guide for each alliance?

ESO Killer Guides

Killer Guides are arguably one of the most experienced guide creators for MMORPGs around. Having crafted guides for games such as World of Warcraft, Star Wars the Old Republic, Guild Wars, Final Fantasy and now the Elder Scrolls Online, one can imagine that they have mastered their trait. 

Much like our number three guide creator, ESO Mastery, the guys at Killer Guides have done a great job at creating tailor-made ESO leveling guides. They have not however, created a leveling guide specific to each alliance, meaning their levelling guide is a somewhat more general guide. On the other hand, Killer Guides have created specific class guides, teaching you how to become the absolute master of your class. 

ESO Mastery Guides

The ESO Mastery Guides are more than just a line of amazing ESO guides. It is a completely free-to-join community of gamers wanting to become the best. By joining their community you will gain access to forums with some of the top ESO players, be able to access all their ESO guides and receive promotional offers and content prizes. 

If you want to become the best and have access to ESO leveling guides specific for your alliance, ESO Crafting Guides, Gold Guides or Character Build Guides, then this is your one-stop solution.

The Elder Scrolls Online Guide

A rather basic Elder Scrolls Online leveling guide. This is the solution for the player who doesn’t like choice. Who isn’t looking for a tailored solution to his or her needs. One leveling guide. One size fits all. Doesn’t sound like a typical MMORPG player does it? We agree. 

However, the guys behind this somewhat standardised ESO leveling guide do have one trick up their sleeve: a 60 full-money back guarantee. We have not tried the policy and do not know how true to their word they are. So try at own risk. And please, if you have tried this leveling guide, do let us know whether you needed to full-money back guarentee and whether they delivered on their promise. 

ESO Allstars

The ESO All Stars Guide comes advertised as a very complete 3-in-1 guide, covering the basic needs that all players could ever want to know about: Leveling, PvP and Gold. Although those things are indeed three important aspects that a Elder Scrolls Online Game Guide should cover, it is hardly everything. And although it promises (and somewhat delivers) a great level of detail, we feel that their leveling guides are lacking here and there. Perhapse they will update the guides later on, but for now it seems that their ambition to pre-release the guide has caused them to overpromise and underdeliver. 

A subscription based model, the ESO All Stars Guide promises that at only 17 usd/month you will continuously updated with the most advanced in-game knowledge. Although that sounds interesting, we would recommend to spend your money elsewhere. 

ESO Zygor Review

Buying Guide - The Best ESO Leveling Guide

For those new to the Elder Scrolls Online (ESO), there is a ton of value in the later chapters below that will explain the game in general. These chapters will give you a tiny preview of what the ESO Guides can offer you: A thorough explanation of the game setup and how you can become a master of it. 

For those gamers only interested in finding their guide fast, the first 3 chapters will suffice as they run you through our top three picks of the best ESO leveling guides and best ESO class guides. 


What is an ESO Leveling Guide?

Elder Scrolls Guides explain the best possible tactics and most optimised routes through the land of Tamriel. Don’t get confused by the terminology. Whether called leveling guide, Strategy Guide or Game Guide; all offer roughly the same value. They will be your mentor through the lands of Tamriel as they show you how to achieve weeks worth of progress in a matter hours. They will show how to level faster, make more gold and become an absolute legend in your specific class. 

Playing with the best ESO leveling guide by your side, is like playing with an expert coach telling you what moves to make, what resources to gather and how not to waste time. Or in the case of the Zygor ESO guide, a full-blown in-game navigation system. You will be able to become the fastest, most efficient player in Tamriel by following the advice laid out before you by players who have done all the hard stuff. If you are interested in the most profitable crafting strategies, best armour combinations or most deadly PvP strategies, then the ESO guides are for you. 


What is the best ESO leveling guide? 

Perfection is not achieved easily. But after reviewing the Zygor ESO guide it was clear that these guys have really put in the time to truly perfect their art. No longer does the best ESO leveling guide come in bookform alone; For ESO Zygor has created a true in-game navigational system to guide you on your quests and mentor you from level 1 to 50. This evolution has changed the game for leveling guides completely and has made the ESO Zygor guide a worthy winner of AlwaysReview gold as the best Elder Scrolls Online Guide. 

For the gamers interested in the old fashioned written game guides, there are two experienced groups of gamers crafting some of the best guides out there. On second place in our comparison of the best ESO leveling guide is Killer Guides. With a huge amount of experience in MMORPG game guides, they have created the best ESO class guides out there. Whether you are looking for the best guide for your DragonKnight, Sorcerer, Templar or Nightblade, these guys have what you are looking for. On top of that, they have some of the best Gold, crafting and PvP guides. Definitely a source to check out.

On third place are the guys from ESO Mastery Guides. Not only do they offer a great written ESO leveling guide specifically tailored to each pact (the Aldmeri, Daggerfall or Ebonheart), they also offer great ESO crafting, character build guide and gold guides. Signing up on their page is completely for free and allows you to browse and gather more information on the specific ESO guides they are offering. Make sure to not miss out on these ones. 


How to choose your ESO leveling Guide?

This is a great question. The answer depends entirely on what you want to achieve. 

If you are looking for the best ESO leveling guide, then it all depends on the pact you have chosen to pledge your allegiance to. If you are part of the Aldmeri Dominion, then choose a leveling guide applicable to that faction. If you are part of the Daggerfall Covenant, then make sure to find a guide that matches that choice. And finally, if you are part of the Ebonheart Pact, then by all means, choose a Ebonheart Pact leveling guide. As you can see, it makes a lot of sense. Each alliance has their own specific quest path, and therefor has their own specialised guide to help you achieve mastery in no time. 

If you are however looking to become the most epic crafter in all of Tamriel or just want to become the dedicated crafter of your guild, then check out the best ESO crafting guides. Are you instead looking for the best way to build your character, then secure the ESO character build guide. And finally, if you want to become the richest player out there, then look for the ESO gold guide. 

Although there are various vendors offering a different ESO level guide each, we would suggest to check the in game application developed by Zygor. After our ESO Zygor review, we simply felt that this is by far the best option out there right now. Why? It makes your life easier, a lot easier. For the gamers looking for some of the best ESO guides in written form, make sure to check out either Killer Guides for their best class guides or ESO Mastery Guides for the best ESO leveling guide tailored to your specific alliance. 

For the players new to the Elder Scrolls Online, the information below can serve you as mini ESO level guide, explaining a bit of the history and setup of the game. 


What is Elder Scrolls Online?

The Elder Scrolls Online (or ESO) is the most anticipated massive multiplayer online role paying game (MMORPG) since World of Warcraft. Developed by a team of roughly 250 people at Bethesda Softworks, a subsidiary of ZeniMax Online Studios, the Elder Scrolls series has more than 20 years of epic award-winning fantasy RPG under its belt. On April 4th 2018, after massive amounts of beta testing spanning more than 5 million players, the franchise was taken online on PC and Mac. Playstation 4 and Xbox One players have been online since June 2018 and each venture into their own online world of Tamriel. Of course, the ESO guides are applicable to all players and playing styles. Whether you are a PC or Mac king, a PS4 hero or an Xbox One legend, the ESO guides are for you. 

As the Elder Scrolls Series used to be a regular offline RPG franchise for 20 years, this is the first time players will be able to join forces with their friends, guild mates and thousands of allies to explore the vast lands of Tamriel. Extensive dungeons and caves, huge player versus player (PvP) battles, immense world immersion and the epic spoils of war for the victors await. 

Never before was an MMORPG this varied. Players are able to choose and use any type of armor or weapon they please, no matter which character they have chosen to make their own. This allows for a tremendous amount of character customisation and will keep fans bound to Elder Scrolls Online for the endless hours the game deserves. Add to this the new and advanced combat system in Elder Scrolls, allowing players to use real-time targeting and attack, block and dodge strategically, and Elder Scrolls Online is certain of a spot in the MMORPG hall of fame. The best ESO strategy guides offer a great in-depth analysis on how to maximise your lout and crush your enemies.

The character customisation is not where the innovation stops. An even greater enhancement to the world of online gameplay as we know it, is the Elder Scolls Online Megaserver. Gone are the days where players would choose a server and miss out on the opportunity to play with friends in different worlds. Now, the brand-new technology will make sure that all players will be put in the same world as their friends, guild mates, previously met players and like-minded folks alike. It’s a matter of logging in and letting the epic adventure begin. 

Familiar to players from the great plains of Azeroth, the home world of World of Warcraft, is the subscription model. A fiercely debated topic in which the nay-sayers argue that games should be free to play, and advocates state that the subscription fee is a guarantee for content updates and way for Bethesda to guide the Elder Scrolls Online gaming experience to perfection. Whichever side you belong to, there is no way around this. Upon purchasing the game, the player will have 30 days of unlimited access to explore the worlds of Tamriel, after which a monthly subscription of $14.99/month (€12.99 / £8.99) is required. 

The engineers at Bethesda have worked very hard to make Elder Scrolls Online as accessible as possible to nearly anyone. This means that anyone owning a PC (Windows OS) or Mac will be able to play, even on a low-end system. Owners of a PlayStation 4 or Xbox One will also be served, each on their own server. To not favour any control style, the Megaserver technology will make sure all players on computers, meaning PC and Mac, will be together on one massive server, while all Xbox One and PlayStation 4 players will each have their own dedicated server. This means there will be no connecting forces of players on computers, Xbox’s and PlayStations, as each will roam in their own realm. The written game guides will be universal for all different platforms. The Zygor ESO guide will be tailored due to OS differences.

All in all, Elder Scrolls Online is a vast and epic world containing countless hours of amazing gameplay for those willing to enter. Read our comparison of the Elder Scrolls Online Game Guides to figure out how to level your character fastest, choose the best strategies and become the greatest legend Tamriel has ever seen.


What is Elder Scrolls Online about?

It’s 1000 years before the events of Skryrim (The Elder Scrolls V) and the rise of the Dragonborn. The lands of Tamriel are in unrest as dark spirits roam the vast corners of the land. In the aftershock of a great Arcane Explosion, there is no emperor and the imperial city is ready for the taking.

The Imperials have formed an alliance with the family of Tharn and the famous necromancer Mannimarco to make sure Tamriel will be back under Imperial Rule once again. 

Molag Bal, the Daedric Prince, has set his scheme to dominate and enslave the people of Tamriel into motion. As his evil magic spreads, the barrier between the worlds is weakening. The threat of the Nirn and Oblivion becoming one, immense hellish nightmare, is greater then ever. 

Mannimarco, in alliance with the Imperials, has secretly joined sides with the Daedric Prince Molag Bal to achieve rulership over Tamriel for himself.

Three major Alliances; The Daggerfall Covenant, The Aldmeri Dominion and The Ebonheart Pact, emerge across the continents. As their vast armies gather and fight both the dark forces of the Daedric and each other in a struggle for supremacy over the land and the Imperial City, it is time to choose your allegiance. 

You are a warrior whose soul has been taken by Molag Bal. Through your battles and quests, you will strive to retake your sole and to bring back order to Tamriel. If and when you have been able to stop Molag Bal’s from taking over Tamriel and are rejoined with your soul, you will have also reached your level cap. 

However, the journey does not end here as the throne of the Imperial City is still ripe for the taking. Together with your faction, you will fight to conquer the Imperial City in enormous PvP Battles. Once your faction has secured the city, the most valuable player of the winning side will be crowned the new Emperor of Tamriel. Do you have what it takes?

A more in depth explanation of the story and insights into Tamriel can be found in the best ESO leveling guides. And if you couldn’t care less for deep in-game insights but just want to get from A to B, and quest to quest, the fasted, then have a look at our Zygor ESO leveling guide review.


Where do your loyalties lie? - The Pacts.

The drums of war have started to soar throughout the lands, calling on all of Tamriel’s warriors to pick up their weapons: The throne of Tamriel, in the heart of Cyrodiil, is ripe for the taking.

Through an immense, thee-sided PvP battle system, hundreds of warriors of the Daggerfall Covenant, the Ebonheart Pact, and the Aldmeri Dominion will face each other for control over Cyrodiil. As the forces fight for resources and strongholds, and use massive siege weapons to strike down their foes and protect their fortresses, only one Alliance can be crowned victor. 

The Daggerfall Covenant

As the two provinces of the NorthWest - High Rock and Hammerfell - join forces, the Bretons and the Redguard swear their allegiance to each other. In an attempt to return to their homeland Orsinium, the Orcs have been persuaded to join the Covenant. Together, these three races form a mighty alliance as they fight for the throne and to restore balance to the lands of the Elder Scrolls Online. 

The Ebonheart Pact

Former enemies strike down their differences and pick up arms together. The Nords, Dark Elves and Argonians of Skyrim, Morrowind and Black Marsh, form an uneasy alliance as they to due fight for supremacy of Tamriel. 

The Aldmeri Dominion

As the south of Tamriel comes together, the Khajiit of Alsweyr, the Wood Elves of Valenwood and their new leaders in this southern Pact; the High Elves of the Summerset Isles form a mighty alliance in their attempt to guide the ESO lands to peace and prosperity once again.


What hero will you be? - The Classes.

Although ESO has complete flexibility in class-race combo’s, you already know that certain classics have existed for a long time and will not soon be forgotten.

This means that in the Daggerfall Covenant, the racial skill tree of the Bretons make them excellent suiters of magical classes like the sorcerer and healing specced templar. The Orcs are well known for their warrior preference which can come in handy if you are interested in a DragonKnight play style or perhaps a dps or tanking Templar. Last are the Redguards that have an advantage to be played in a stealthy manner, obviously making them great Nightblades.

In the Ebonheart Pact, the most obvious classic is the Nord-warrior combination making them the obvious choice for Dragonknight or Templar players, a classic which many long time fans will not overlook. The Dunmer, or Dark Elves, tend to favour a caster role which makes them the perfect bases for sorcerers or healing orientated Templars. Finally, the Reptile-like Argonians are excellent Nightblades relying on their stealthy racial skills. 

In the Aldmeri Dominion; the Altmer, or High Elves, represent the magical class making them great sorcerers and healing templars. The Bosmer, or Wood Elves, will most likely favour a more stealth based persona allowing them to be great Nightblades. And the Khajit, the catlike race, have the racial skill tree suited most for the warrior class which will mean that you will see them most in DragonKnight and Templar, although they are also known to be great Nightblades. 

Still, all is possible in land of Tamriel and you are likely to see many unexpected combination pass as well. Take a look at our post of the best ESO class guides for a deeper understanding of the possibilities before you.

For those of you looking for the right budget laptop to play the Elder Scrolls Online on, check out our comparison of the best gaming laptops under 600 dollars.


In Conclusion

What a game, what an amount of options. The Elder Scrolls Online is a marvelous game made to keep you hooked for months, if not years. To find your way through the lands of Tamriel the quickest, we advice you to look towards the ESO Zygor guide. The in-game navigation tells you where to go and how to get there quickest. If you're however looking for a specific ESO class guide or crafting, make sure to check out the guys at Killer Guides who, amongst others, have an amazing ESO Templar Guide. Finally, if you're interested in a leveling guide in written form, make sure to check out the creations of ESO Mastery Guides

So pick up your guide and have a ton of fun in the lands of Tamriel. See you in there!