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Best Background Check Service Reviews

The best background check services are remarkable services able to discover a great deal of information and details about a person, using only a very limited amount of information upfront. They have become very popular in recent years with both individuals and businesses. The best and most advanced services allow people to check on not just potential employees, but on romantic partners, on people who will have access to their children or vulnerable loved ones, and on new neighbours or old acquaintances. This is done for personal safety, to hire the best possible employee, for piece-of-mind, and sometimes just to catch up on what somebody has been doing.

In our comparison of the best services out there, we have found Inteligator to be the most capable, thorough and advanced service available today. On second place, we have found Intelius to be a great and accurate service for both personal and business use. 

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Inteligator is a service for users of all levels. It is a powerful tool suited to finding out all details imaginable, without requiring a great deal of known information up front. This advanced background check service is suited to look up information for any type of reason, whether work related or private.

Inteligator bases it searches on the most up-to-date sources and scans through millions of documents to find every last detail you would require. It is its great user interface, preview service, fast and accurate data delivery and great payment options that make Inteligator the best background check service of 2018 and the winner of AlwaysReview Gold.


Fantastic at providing accurate, substantial, and quick information for both personal users an business users, containing specialized features for both. The advanced background check service by Intelius is easy-to-use and comes up with an abundance of information that allows you to look into the past of somebody from a number of angles, whether it be about education, criminality, or employment history

The service by Intelius deservedly came in second place of our advanced intelligence service reviews of 2018.


A thorough service that includes reverse searches on addresses, phone numbers, and e-mails. This makes it easy to find the details of someone based off little information alone, and its many search features allow you to find out the information you require in a speedy manner. Its research depth is strong and it provides a wealth of information, ranging from social media accounts through to somebody’s assets, making it a particularly informative and advanced background check service that is suited to almost anyone, even providing mug shots of anyone who has them.

US Search

US Search looks through billions of records to provide you with the information that you want. It is expansive in its searches and it provides a very personalised service, and even includes the chance to ask US Search to send people to check out physical documents in places like courthouses, removing any blind spots. It is a great and advanced background check service with features that will appeal to both personal and professional users alike.


PeopleFinders, an established name in the industry, gives a great level of detail and comes at very reasonable, sectioned prices. Not great for regular users, but very good for occasional users as the price will be very reasonable. Although the search isn’t perfect, PeopleFinders provides a sleek website that makes navigating a breeze and it can come up with some advanced search results that even includes relatives when looking somebody up. Not an advanced background check site, but rather aimed at casual users with less interest in deep knowledge.

Background Check Reviews

What are background check sites?

(Criminal) Background checks, are a fully legal, often encouraged and sometimes extremely important way of check the history of somebody. The purpose for these checks can be for general information, for hiring purposes or for something as important as ensuring a child’s safety. In some cases, the best background check services can be a valuable tool for even you to find out about anything in the past that may come up or be important to a job interview.


The advanced services from our reviews comb through publically-available records, such as court records, judgements and social media sites, and help you build up a picture of somebody’s past and their activities. These investigational services allow you to find out important background information and what somebody has been up to.


While these background investigations are useful to investigate the background of someone you are looking to catch up with, perhaps after a long time of not seeing the person, they are most often used in a business sense. In these scenario’s, the best background check sites are used to investigate the criminal and career history of the people involved in in the hiring process. Specific background information relating to the reliability of a potential employee can be extremely valuable if you are considering offering the person either a short, or especially long-term, contract.


The most advanced and best background check services in our reviews are employed in vast array of topics outside of the corporate world as well however. Consider for instance someone who is about to start a new long-term relationship with a new lover. Especially when children are involved or when the potential spouse has a somewhat mysterious past, it can be off the utmost importance to find out more objective information about the potential lover. The services offered are a wonderful way of getting peace-of-mind about someone without being intrusiveness or asking those though questions, a most often, achievable at low price as well.


On top of that, the best background check sites are completely anonymous. This means that when you employ any of the online services from our review, you do not need to worry about people approving of what you are doing or that awkward conversation where you have to admit to hiring a private detective. These services are 100% anonymous and will make sure no-one will ever find out.


Due to the fact that many of the aspects of advanced services are based on publically available records, websites and other information, one could running a check without any software or outside help. After comparing all the background check sites and services available, we have come to the conclusion that it is a very technically demanding, time-consuming and strenuous task that might involve unexpected costs and efforts. In our experience, one can gather a lot more accurate information in a much shorter time frame without sacrificing anonymity, by using one of the advanced services from our comparison. For a reasonable price, these programs can provide this background information quickly and accurately, saving you a lot of trouble and giving you the most reliable answers possible.


What is the best background check service?

Inteligator is our best-reviewed and most popular background check service reviewed. It provides a huge number of ways to locate somebody’s background information and then provides it, accurately and quickly for very reasonable pricing. It also gives a detailed preview before you pay for anything, allowing you to make sure it is capable of finding whom you want it to find. Inteligator is a very helpful and user-friendly service, making sure you can always get your money’s worth. Deservedly the best advanced service of 2018 and winner of AlwaysReview Gold.


How to choose an advanced background check service?

  • It is important to be able to find who you are looking for – The best ser give ample previews of your searches so you know you can find that person.
  • The pricing system is important – Some services are subscription-based, some are based on paying for a certain set of results, and some are a combination of the two.
  • Not all services check the same documents or provide the same level of searches. It is important to know what a service provides – For instance, if you are seeing if someone has a criminal past, a service that looks at criminal records and can provide runners to check out physical copies of documents at courthouses is always going to be far better than one that does not provide these services.
  • Basic searches should always be quick and almost instantaneous. As these services at their core access publically available, online data, unless you are requesting a helping service or a physical document check service, there is no reason for the searches to not be quick.


We hope that our advanced background check service reviews have shown you the remarkable capabilities these tools can offer to keep you and those around you safe. In many cases, the use of the these services is encouraged to help identify people’s criminal records and allow you to know the history of a person you are dealing with. As such, take a moment to read through our background check reviews and select a service that will fulfil all your needs and give you that piece of mind and information you are looking for.