How To Attract Women

How To Attract Women

Time and again, you find yourself in the dreaded “friend zone” after a few weeks of hanging out. Our attraction guides will not only end to this, but turn the entire game around. Are you ready for all the female attention you could ever want?

#1 on the list, “the Tao of Badass” exposes those deep fundamental secrets of female psychology that will change everything. This guide is your mentor in techniques and attitude adjustments that will help you be more confident, meet women anywhere, get a girlfriend in no-time and even make women approach you!

#2 on our “Make women want you” is written by one of the top relationship experts in the U.S. This guide will teach you lots of simple to follow strategies geared towards helping you find the woman of your dreams. 

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  • The Tao of Badass
  • Make Women Want You
  • High Status Humor
  • 3-Second Sexual Attraction
  • Date Younger Women

The Tao of Badass

This guide is crafted by Joshua Pellicer, one of the best brains in the dating industry today.  The author has appeared/continues to appear in the media, delivering quality dating advice to men of all ages.  The Tao of Badass is a guide that shows men how they can adequately overcome their insecurities and fears and go ahead to pick the woman of their dreams.  Like all good guides, this one has caused quite an upset amongst dating discussion groups with many people having nothing but immense praise for the work that has gone into the production of this guide. 

Make Women Want You

The Make Women Want You guide by Jason Capital is a collection of a few bonus products and a main E-book.  This ‘how to make her want you’ book is targeted mostly towards beginners and its main focus is on how to create sexual attraction in women.  Looking through this attraction guide for men, it is easy to appreciate how the author has been able to mix self-help principles and technique specific dating advice making the book properly rounded.

The intro of the book is focused on dealing with certain beliefs held by many men which is what is holding them back from reaching their desired height in dating. Most of these beliefs on how to talk to women were picked up from watching movies and sadly, they never work in real life.  The intro counters all of these beliefs with the right one you need to have.  The book is simple, straightforward and enjoyable to read.

High Status Humor

High Status Humor is a ‘how to attract women’ guide which focuses on the theory that women find funny men much more attractive. The guide by Zach Browman is well written and has gathered a lot of praise in in the underground dating scene. The Majority of the programs out there are based on new found theories, but this one is based on a time-tested maxim and it does its best to remodel it in an interesting manner.  HSH has proven to be a game changer for a lot of its users and you can be sure you will get results and improve conversational skills a great deal too. 

3-Second Sexual Attraction

The focus of this how to attract women guide is on showing you how to talk to women and why you should only talk to women in chunks of 10 seconds or less. According to the author, these chunks are referred to as soundbites and the focus is on using these value packed soundbites to create an attraction between you and the woman of your dreams.

What the author of this guide has done is to replace the former concept of routines with short, high impact soundbites while accomplishing the same tasks.  The major reasoning behind these techniques preached here is that talking any longer will make you look like someone who is doing bulk of the chasing. Instead, you need to focus on getting the woman to participate in the conversation a lot more. The more she talks with you, the more she is unconsciously working to get your attention and approval.  

Date Younger Women

Adam Gilad’s Date Younger Women Program is a how to attract women guide that focuses on helping men aged 30 and above get much younger women. The author is in his 50s already but he still dates young girls in their 20s. The guide focuses on his experiences, therefore making it easy for anyone to emulate.  With the Date Younger Women guide, you will be able to learn how to talk to women of this generation and attract them into your life without feeling creepy or perverted. The guide covers important topics that will help you achieve your aim irrespective of whether you are rich, poor, fat, built like a movie star etc.

Attraction Guides

What is a guide on how to attract women?

An attraction guide is meant for men struggling with their dating game.  The best how to approach women guides s help men to understand that intimacy, sex, seduction or attraction is not a social or physical process but rather an emotional one. This is why some men are left wondering what they did wrong after saying all the supposed “right stuff” but ended up repelling the woman.  After reading our reviews of the best how to make her want you guides of 2018, you will understand that it is possible to say all the wrong things and still attract a woman of your choice.  You only need to know how to talk to women in the first place. The focus should be on communicating your intentions, the authenticity and motivation. This means putting work into improving your emotional life, how you feel about yourself and how you express yourself to other people you come in contact with each day.  After going through a good guide on how to approach women, you will understand that it goes far beyond learning certain lines, routines or dressing mode but rather how to unravel the attractive man in you and expressing it to the women you come in contact with each day.


What is the best guide on how to attract women?

With thousands of programs and highly priced classes online, finding a good guide has become increasingly difficult.  Many of the guides are filled with clichés and unrealistic theories and concepts that will make the women loathe you instead of getting attracted to you. How do you feel when you read text messages copied off SMS handbooks or Apps? Insulted right?  That is exactly how women feel when you approach them with cliché lines, dressing, etc. Thankfully, you do not need to spend your time and money trying to find reviews of the best how to attract women programs as we have done the work for you. The #1 product that should be on your mind right now is “The Tao of badass”.  This guide is made up of several main categories that are outfitted with some interesting subcategories all focused on helping you learn how to meet women. Some of the categories include getting a girlfriend, meeting women in general, how to talk to women, confidence, making women approach men etc. while the subcategories include ways to kill distraction, ways to get the first kiss, best ways to stop a woman on the street, best ways to keep a conversation going, etc. The guide is presented in a discussion-like format making it thoroughly enjoyable from start to finish. #2 on the list is “Make women want you”. This guide is known for its many practical examples and detailed strategies. Written by a highly respected relationship expert, you can’t go wrong with it.


How to choose the best guide for you?

Deciding on a particular guide to go with when it comes to how to make her want you is not easy today due to the plethora of guides available online. We are going to look at certain tips however, that will make the process a bit easier.


The best guides come written in simple and straightforward language that doesn’t need you to have a thesaurus by the side. Our #1 guide is written in a humorous and friendly discussion tone making it very interesting to read from start to finish.

Quality of information

The information contained in the guide has to be truly revolutionary if the guide is to be regarded as good enough. This equally means no clichés and no unrealistic examples.  The guide should cover every single aspect of dating for it to be truly effective. This means it has to include both physical and emotional tips as well as tips on communication and confidence.  

Number of examples

The best guides will show a lot of examples showing the tips covered in the guide in action. These examples will help you get a better idea on how to implement the ideas learnt in the guide and how best to put it to good use.


This is very important because nobody wants to pay above the odds regardless of what is being purchased. Place the cost of the program side by side its content to see if it is worth it.  Also, the best guides come with a money back guarantee because the authors believe they are offering immense value and so you will never need to use the money back guarantee.