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Best ESO Templar Guide
Best ESO Templar Guide

The Best ESO Templar Guide

Through reviewing the best leveling guides for the Elder Scrolls Online, we have read practically all game, strategy, level, gold and character guides out there. Normally, we like our job but aren’t necessarily blown-away. The best ESO Templar guide developed by Killer Guides however, is the exception to this rule. What an amazing piece of character creation art. Yes, you’ve heard correctly, character creation art. For all players, nooby as can be to the most experience Dragonknight slaying Templar’s, this is the guide. Below we have summarised the basics of what such as guide is based on. But you can imagine the marvels hidden in a 50-pages thick masterpiece dedicated solely to the Templar. Find a copy to get your game-play to the next level here.

For those gamers interested in the best leveling guide, check out the ESO Zygor in-game software application. This glorious piece of kit will be your personal mentor and in-game navigation system pointing you through the world of Tamriel.

The Templar

The most diverse class in the Elder Scrolls Online is without a doubt the Templar. Introduced in World of Warcraft as the Paladin, the Templar can be a caster, healer, tank or damage dealer, both in AoE or focus. It is due to their wide range of abilities and varied skill trees, that these will be the most varying class you will come across while travelling through Tamriel. Whether you wish to be a light armour wearing healer or heavy armour supporting tank, it is all possible with the Templar, making it a great class to explore into depth using the best ESO Templar Guide. On top of that, it is an amazing class to play as you can completely change your plaining style at max level without needing to go through an the entire Leveling process once again.

Aedric Spear

Although there is no spear included, the name is pretty awesome. This skill tree focuses on full offence through the use of holy and light magic spells, making this the way to go if you’re looking for a DPS Templar. On top of that, this tree offers some great AoE abilities making this a very interesting class to play and perfect.

Dawn’s Wrath

The Dawn’s Wrath skill tree is also a damage and offensive focus tree, much like the Aedric Spear. However, it also offers a range of debuff skills, crowd control options and abilities that best come into play when grouping up with allies. Making the difference between this tree and the Aedric Spear the focus on whether a player is looking for solo (Aedric Spear) or group (Dawn’s Wrath) play. One could also argue that the first is the better DPS and the latter the better tank, but this is of course dependent on a great deal of other factors as well.

Restoring Light

Finally, here it is. The focused healing skill tree. This tree is all about being the healer of the group and keeping your allies alive, removing negative affects and supporting your friends to victory. As this is arguably the most important role in any dungeon or raid party, make sure to become a master of your trade.

Armour & Weapons

Templars can use all armour types. But most commonly, you’ll see players choosing the heavy or light versions as described in the guide. Tanks will be wise to choose the heavy armour option, in combination with a one-handed weapon and a shield, where casting or healing Templars will most likely opt for the light armour option for the magic effects.

Most DPS focused Templars will go for the mighty two-handers or will dual-wield their way through the game. Although a might two-handed mace or sword is something most players find intuitively the most attractive option for this class. The healing of casting Templars will generally choose staffs. Healers might choose the Restoration Staff for the full healing spec, although their Restoring Light Skill tree already makes them potent healers without it.

Recommend Races

Due to the wide ranging nature of the Templar, you’ll see a lot of different races being used for this specific class. The best ESO Templar Guide by Killer Guides goes into more depth on the specific benefits of each race for the Templar, but overall anything from High Elves, Bretons, Redguards, Orc, Nords to Dark Elves will make very popular options for this class. Depending on the preferred playing-style of course.

Make sure to read on about the amazing work of Killer Guides here.

Best ESO Sorcerer Guide
Best ESO Sorcerer Guide Review

The Best ESO Sorcerer Guide

While writing our review of the best leveling guide for the Elder Scrolls Online, we found the dedicated ESO sorcerer guide developed by the guys at Killer Guides. We found this to be such an amazing piece of art (yes, art!) that we decided to focus a piece on it. Whether you a fresh to the game looking to start playing with a sorcerer or a PvP slayin’ master looking for those last secret techniques to perfect your skills, this guide has it all. Below are the fundament a Sorcerer guide is built on. For the full 50-page magic, check out the guide by Killer Guides here.

If you’re more interested in the fastest way to reach your level cap, check out the ESO Zygor Guide. This is your personal in-game navigation system showing you what quests to take, who to speak to and how to navigate the world of Tamriel in the easiest way.

The Sorcerer

The Sorcerer is the Mage or the Caster of the Elder Scrolls Online. It is the class most capable at using highly potent magic to destroy his foes, making it arguably the most capable ranged DPS class of the game. But the Sorcerer is more than the that. For most players experienced with World of World, who heard that there would be only one dedicated light armour class, thought this would be Mage, Warlock and Monk in one. However, only two out three apply. Yes, the Sorcerer can fulfil a playing-style similar to either the Mage or the Warlock, but not the Monk. There is no dedicated healing skill tree available to the Sorcerer. Where this might disappoint some, it is also means that this character is a highly capable DPS class or survivor, making this a very exciting class to play and a class very suited to engineer to perfection.

As with all classes, three specific skill trees exist for the Sorcerer, each boasting a unique set of talents each with there own pro’s and con’s.

Dark Magic

The Dark Magic skill tree has strong DPS focus with various crowd controlling tactics. Through immobilisations and disorientation the Sorcerer controls his enemies in this ree while draining the health pool with heavy ranged strikes. It is a tree strongly suited for players interested in dealing great amounts of damage, owning in PvP or playing a strong support class in groups.

Daedric Summoning

The skill tree is very similar to the Warlock class in World of Warcraft. It allows the players to summon minions, curse their foes and use buff spells to protect themselves from harm. It’s the lowest DPS tree in the Sorcerers arsenal but offers the greatest amount of survivability. It’s a class played mostly by players who wish to level fast while playing solo without needing to die often, or by players who enjoy taking a companion along with them through the realm of Tamriel. Some players might even argue, that due the use of minions, this class has some tanking capabilities as well.

Strom Calling

The most focussed offensive skill tree of the Sorcerer is the Storm Calling tree. Without the crowd controlling tactics of the Dark Magic tree, this turns this mage-like character into less of a tactical support class, and more into a straightforward DPS class with a high potency for dealing great amounts of ranged damage. When preferring the Mage role, this is the most classic approach. As the best ESO Sorcerer guide will explain in more detail, this tree is highly suited those wanting great ranged DPS and full assault.

Armour and Weapons

The classic combination for the Sorcerer is of course light armour and a destruction staff. Due the flexibility of playing-styles in the Elder Scrolls Online however, it wouldn’t surprise anyone to come across a more creative player every once in a while. One can imagine a battle mage swapping in the heat of the battle for a two-handed mace to deliver the final unexpected blow to his foe.

Due to the magic regeneration attributes of light armour, it remains the most obvious pick for the Sorcerer, whichever skill tree is chosen. However, it is not unimaginable to encounter battle-mages with a very specific spec to come out of nowhere boasting an impressive medium or heavy armour set.

Recommend Races

The High Elves, Dark Elves and Bretons are the most popular classed by far for the magical builds. This is of course due to their natural talents for casting roles thanks to numerous magic and spell damage bonuses. As the best ESO Sorcerer guide will explain however, there is no need to stick to these specific races, as the skill trees are in no way limited by the choice in race.

Find out more on the ESO Killer Guides masterpiece here.

Best ESO Nightblade Guide
Best ESO Nightblade Guide Review

The Best ESO Nightblade Guide

While reviewing the best ESO level guides we stumbled across a very good ESO Nightblade guide. In fact, we found it so good, that we decided to give it some special attention here. The guys at Killer Guides have done a truly amazing job at getting into the nuts and bolts of the Nightblade. Any gamer, whether noob or pro, is bound to learn from the strategies and tips these guys have lined up. Below is a basic foundation of what a Nightblade guide is built on. For those interested in the real 50-page deal; find out how to get your copy of the Killer Guides masterpiece here.

If you are more interested in the best ESO leveling guide, check out the Zygor ESO guide. This is an in-game software app that guides your through the world, while informing you on potential quests and how to complete them in the most efficient way.

The Nightblade

The Nightblade is the Rogue or Assassin class in the Elder Scrolls Online. Their focus is extreme amounts of melee damage through the combination of stealth and sneak attacks. Nightblades can also used magic to either weaken their opponents of buff themselves. and are capable wielders of long-range weapons to lure enemies away from their groups. Although a very powerful DPS class, Nightblades are also a very vulnerable class requiring a lot of technique to master. If you truly want to become the most epic DPS player to have ever roamed Tamriel, there is no way around honing your skills to perfection through using the techniques from the best ESO Nightblade guide.

The Skill trees for the Nightblade are like every other class three-fold.


The name speaks for itself. This is arguably the highest melee DPS skill tree in the game. The focus, you guessed it; killing your enemy, fast. Supporting spells in this tree support this playing style and are focused on increasing your speed of attack, allowing you to evade incoming strikes, stun your enemies, reach them faster or finishing foes in low-health. This tree suites the players interested in the highest possible DPS and owning at PvP.


Although the very nature of the Nightblade is a stealthy play-style, these characteristics are strengthened by the Shadow skill tree. It’s a tree which requires a very technical play-style that gets the player up and close and in a vulnerable position. The best ESO Nightblade guide will explain how to be the best possible at remaining undetectable right before you deliver your killing blows. The skills in this tree are focused on short term invisibility, stunning and debuffing your enemies, and of course damage, lots of it. Due to these specialised skills, the Shadow tree is most suitable for players interested in sneaky solo play-style and perhaps also a cooperative play-style due to several AoE crowd control attacks.


The last skill tree for the Nightblade is the Siphoning tree. Filled with spells and damage over time attacks (DOTs), this tree is focused on weakening your foes and debuffing them. This is arguably the most versatile tree for the Nightblade class. The several regeneration, whether on magic of health, allow for a great self supporting play style throughout the game due to greater survivability. Whereas the stunning attacks can be great for crowd control when playing in groups.

Armour & Weapons

No surprises here for the experienced MMORPG players. The improved quiet movement speed and increased critical strike chances of the medium armour make it perfect for the Nightblade class. Unless strongly reliant on magic for special attacks, the added protection alone offered by medium over light armour should be enough to prefer this type of padding. However, one could argue that some players will even opt for heavy armour to go on full DPS with high durability while sacrificing their stealth abilities, although this will be an uncommon combination.

Weapon-wise, the Nightblade’s name says it all. The most common combination of weapons to see will be daggers and one-handed swords, although some characters will also wield one handed axes. Of course any weapon is allowed in the Elder Scrolls Online, but it is these weapons which most complement the natural playing-style of the Nightblade.

Recommend Races

The most obvious choose are the Khajiit with a natural talent for sneaking around. Alternatively, one could choose the Redguard race as these make for great warriors and offer useful stamina bonuses. In essence though, there are many races that can suit the play style of the Nightblade.

Of course, all of the above is but a mere introduction to the in-depth knowledge a massive 50-pages guide can offer you. Find out more in our Killer Guides review here.

Best ESO Dragonknight Guide
Best ESO Dragonknight Guide

The Best ESO Dragonknight Guide

In our comparison of the best ESO leveling guides we came across several dedicated Dragonknight guides that are so truly awesome, they deserve some separate attention. The best of these, developed by the guys at Killer Guides, should be read by anyone wanting to lay claim to the most epic Dragonknight character in Tamriel. Below is short introduction into the Dragonknight persona and the foundation on which the specific class guide will build. For the full 50-page ESO Dragonknight guide masterpiece, click here.

For those interested in the next level in game guides, make sure to get

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the ESO Zygor Guide. This in-game app can you be your personal navigation system and mentor in the world of Tamriel, showing you where to go and who to speak to. An amazing app that has saved us countless hours of searching.

The Dragonknight

The Dragonknight is the warrior class in the Elder Scrolls Online. Based on ancient martial art of Akaviri, Dragonknights can take on many play styles, both for group of solo play purposes. The most likely combination you will find, is the heavy armoured full tank with one-hander and shield or a focused melee DPS boasting two strong one-handers or a might two-handed sword, axe or hammer. However, due to the varied mix and match setup of ESO, you’ll also be able to choose more uncommon roles for your Dragonknight, such as a offensive healer or ranged damage dealer.

As explained in much more detail in the best ESO Dragonknight guide by Killer Guides, every character has three distinct different skill trees. The Dragonknight is not exception to this rule. Each tree favours a certain play style and each ESO guide will confirm, it is often best to become a master of one of the trees than a jack of all traits but a master of one.

Ardent Flame

The first skill tree is called the Ardent Flame and focusses on fire-based attacks and debuff spells. This can be considered as the most offensive of the three trees and is suited for the player interested in dealing tons of damage, owning at PvP, playing in groups and performing crowd control. Of course, the focus of this tree is the good ol’ DPS.

Draconic Power

Players interested in approaching both PvE and PvP/AvA from a durability standpoint, the Draconic Power skill tree can offer a great option. Its still focus on defence in the form of damage resistance and self-healing spells, both over time, instantly and through absorbing the health of your foes. This skill tree will be popular with solo-players craving the self-healing capabilities and group players looking to take on a tank role with the ability to get themselves out of tight spot when needed. Although survivability increases in relation to the Ardent Flame tree, the DPS amount suffers.

Earthen Heart

The last of the skill trees for the Dragonknight is a support based tree called the Earthen Heart. It consist of specialised crowd control spells and group buffs making this tree excellent for players focussed on support groups, crowd control and PvP. Although the survival (/healing) capabilities are down in comparison to the Draconic Power tree, the Earthen Heart makes up for it crowd control, making this tree also a potential option for players with a passion tanking.

Armour & Weapons

Although there is no set play style in Elder Scrolls Online, you won’t be surprised to find that most Dragonknights will be boasting an impressive heavy armour set with either a one-handed weapon and shield or a two-handed weapon of choice. Of course, feel free to experiment with all types of armours and weapons and see if there is a specific niche playing style that fits your end game and will make you own by catching your enemies of guard with an unexpected play style. It goes without saying, that the specific ESO Dragonknight guide have done all the hard exploring for you and can give you a shortcut to mastering your class.

Recommended Races

Of course entirely depended on the Pact you choose to pledge your allegiance to, it will be either the Orcs, Nords or Redguards that will suite this class best. High Elves will most likely be the most uncommon of choices for the Dragonknight play style as their race skills are magic focus, although one can imagine creative players will be able to find a great combination here too. If this is a route you’re interested in taking, perhaps have a look at the Bretons and Dark Elves as well. If more interested in good ol’ fashioned DPS, the Khajiit and Redguards are your two favourite picks.

Although there are a few preferred options if you’re interested in tweaking your character to perfection, don’t worry if you want to play a different race or have already made a sub-optimal choice. The Elder Scrolls Online is an extremely varied game and through character build and skill you can still easily own without having the perfect race-class combination.

For more on becoming a master in with this class, get a copy of the best ESO Dragonknight guide here.

Best ESO Crafting Guide
Best ESO Crafting Guide Review

The Best ESO Crafting Guide

Crafting is a major part of the Elder Scrolls Online. Whether you want to earn some extra cash, build a reputation with your guild mates or create your own armour or weapons, crafting can be a great skill to level. In our comparison of the ESO leveling guides, we have found a range of dedicated crafting guides that are so good, they deserve separate mentioning. The best of these is created by Killer Guides are the worthy victor of the best ESO crafting guide of 2018.

For the gamers looking to reach their level cap in the most efficient and fastest way, check out the ESO Zygor Guide. This in-game app is like nothing else. It is your personal navigation system telling you where to go, who to speak to and what to do. Truly the next level in gaming guides.

What makes the ESO Killer Guides awesome?

The sheer depth of the guide. A full 50 pages of analysis the 6 ESO crafting professions broken down into leveling any of the 6 crafts in the most efficient way, all ingredients in the game, gold making strategies, crafting strategies to not waste resources and a full crafting skill analysis. Let’s look at some of these in a bit more detail:

  • As one can expect in a great guide, all 6 professions are turned inside out to give you a great deal of insight. Whether you are interested in a provisioning, alchemy, woodworking, clothing, blacksmithing or ESO enchanting guide – you will be served completely.
  • Grinding for crafting resources can be a tiring and frustrating act. To help you speed up the process, the ESO Killer Guides offers you a complete list of all crafting resources in game, including how and where you can find these in the most efficient way.
  • Experimenting is a terrible waste of resources. Luckily, this guide provides you with a complete crafting list making sure you don’t have to go through the thousands of combinations possible to discover them for yourself. This is a big one and will help you reach your professional level cap in no-time without wasting resources.
  • If you have ever tried or reached a crafting level cap in any MMORPG, you know it can take a great deal of time and effort. In this guide, you’ll find the complete crafting skill analysis of every profession. This will teach you the pros can cons of each profession, making sure you invest your time in the one that will give your specific character and play-style the greatest rewards.
  • And last but not least, the gold making strategies. For many crafters the reason to level their trade. This guide will teach you the crafts with the highest margins, which mistakes to avoid and which ingredients are sold at the highest profits. Anyone wanting to become a truly wealthy man in Tamriel, you should know these secrets.
  • You and I both know that a game like the Elder Scrolls Online never stands still. A crafting guide created on day one will be outdated half a year later. This is why the ESO Killer Guides
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    is constantly updated and all these updates will be included in the purchasing price.


To conclude, the best ESO crafting guide comes from the guys at Killer Guides. Whether you are looking for the best ESO blacksmithing guide or any other profession, this is your one stop shop.