best budget monitors

Best Budget Monitors

Modern computer monitors are changing the way we experience games and media at home in a really profound way. 4K resolution is becoming more and more affordable, and the panels used are capable of reproducing incredible colors. However, this kind of performance will cost you a fair sum of money. The question is, what are your options if you are on a tight budget? Not only do you have options, but you can actually find monitors that will give you a great performance for not a lot of money at all. 


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  • AOC i2367Fh
  • Acer H226HQL
  • Asus VE228H
  • Asus VS228H-P
  • Acer G226HQL

AOC i2367Fh

AOC is currently one of the rare manufacturers that offers a very stylish IPS panel packed in a frameless design.  i2367Fh features a crisp display, great colors, and a very attractive appearance. It’s also one of the rare 23“ monitors in its price range. At its current price, AOC i2367Fh is simply the best budget monitor you can get. 

Acer H226HQL

This monitor offers a lot of features at a decent price. Acer H226HL brings a very attractive design that features a glossy IPS panel. Although this has been enough to turn a lot of potential users away, it’s a matter of taste. If you disregard the glossy panel, you get a very well made monitor that delivers a great performance at an affordable price. 

Asus VE228H

A great budget solution for those with realistic expectations. Asus VE228H packs a decent performance, but not an overly attractive design. It features a contrast ratio that is better than what you would  usually expect to find in this price range, and Asus SPLENDID technology. It’s a VESA compatible monitor, so it’s great for a wall mounted dual or triple monitor setup. 


Asus VS228H-P

Asus VS228H-P is an affordable 1080p Full HD monitor that offers a good and reliable performance. Everything about is more or less average. It’s great for budget gaming builds and is VESA compatible. Only issue with this monitor is the fact that it appears to be produced by two different factories, one of which has quality control issues. 

Acer G226HQL

At this price, Acer G226HQL is one of the cheapest monitors you can currently buy. It comes with a standard LED 1920 x 1080 panel that features high contrast ratio, and great brightness. It’s an older model that still remains a good option for budget builds. One thing that takes away from its functionality is the lack of HDMI ports. It only support DVI-D and VGA. 

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What is the best budget monitor? 

Market is currently well saturated with affordable monitors that maybe lack some advanced features, but still deliver a great performance where it counts. You can find monitors that range from the standard LED variants, to more advanced frameless models with IPS panels. We did a little research in order to find five good monitors, and choose one we think is currently the best. Our selected price range was up to $150, and we chose to go for 1920x1080 resolution. Here’s what we found. 

Best budget monitor we could find is definitely the AOC i2367Fh. It features a 23“, 1920x1080 IPS display, a very stylish frameless design, and great performance. Viewing angles are very flexible, while the panel offers very vivid colors. At this price, you probably won’t find a better deal, especially on a 23“ monitor. Second place goes to the Acer H236HL. It also features an IPS panel, a borderless design, and outstanding performance. It’s a bit more expensive than the AOC, but the main reason why its not our top choice is its glossy display. While we like it, there are many users out there who disagree. Glossy panels are pretty to look at, but you have to be cautious where your light sources are, and having your monitor next to a window is almost always a problem. 

Asus VE228H and Asus VS228H-P take third and fourth place respectively. They are very similar in design and performance, although VS228H-P offers better contrast ratio. With that said, it also has some quality control issues. Both of these have standard bezels, average design, and are VESA compatible. 

Last place belongs to Acer G226HQL. The only reason why it’s not ranked higher is because it lacks an HDMI port. We think that having one is a must today. However, it’s the cheapest monitor on our list while it also delivers a more than good performance for the money. It’s a great choice for those who are building budget gaming setups that have DVI-D support. 


For $130, AOC i2367Fh is a no-brainer. An IPS panel with great viewing angles, sharp picture and vivid colors  is very rare at that price. If you must have a popular brand name monitor, then Acer H236HL is a great option that delivers much of the same experience as the AOC we just mentioned. You can’t go wrong with either of these monitors.