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ACID Music Studio Review

The Good: Very few disadvantages once you’re through the learning curve of this amazing beat creator. It’s very capable of creating professional-sounding beats easily and with clever controls to enhance your sound.

The Bad: Interface may be intimidating to many first-time or beginning beat makers and may be confusing to some.

The Verdict: Fantastic, all-round quality beat maker software. Once you make the beat maker software yours, it opens up a raft of creative possibilities.

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What makes ACID Music Studio great beat making software?

ACID Music Studio contains a neat but intimidating interface. Providing a great deal of options but not in an intuitive way, it does give off a professional feel. However, if you do encounter problems learning the interface, the beat maker software contains a ‘show me how’ function with provides a run-through of how to many basic and advanced tasks within the program, which helps reduce the otherwise difficult task of learning ACID’s layout from scratch.

ACID contains an unlimited number of tracks, making it great for high-volume production or those looking for a truly professional sound. With automatic adjustment to your set tempo, ACID allows you to expand the number of tracks at any point during your creative process, and will adapt these tracks to the tempo you have set for your other tracks before. A fantastic and professional feature is the ability to incorporate multiple live instrument recordings, and, with the option to be guided through by the program, each of these sounds can be set to match a certain number of beats-per-minute, allowing easy synchronisation of sounds and recordings for an extremely professional feel with absolutely minimum work. Adding on to this is the ability to create marks on your timeline for tempo changes, giving even further creative options in regards to the increase and decrease in subtlety of beat changes.

Another great approach ACID takes is that of including drag-and-drop timeline features for loops, but going a bit further and allowing you to click and drag the loop across the timeline to give a length you want the loop to be. This is indicative of ACID’s approach to providing professional options but with a more casual usability.

With over 3000 sounds and effects included in the beat creator, with the possibility of downloading or purchasing more, ACID does not leave anyone wanting for things to be able to add to their tracks. These are all great quality. ACID also comes with MIDI editing, and you can use a MIDI keyboard with the program, but also included is the great feature of turning your keyboard into one, allowing anyone accessibility to beat creations. Top-quality guitar and piano bundles also come, and these are of a high standard that is rare to find elsewhere.

Coming from a hugely respected brand name such as Sony, ACID comes with features not so common with other beat makers, including a one-year membership for cloud storage for online saving of your beats, allowing easy solutions to accessing your music everywhere, and providing an easy way to share your music either there or on social media sites such as YouTube or Facebook. With options to export to CD, ACC, MP3, WAVE, FLAC, and even to QuickTime and Windows Media in case you want to edit the sounds into a video, you will not be left wanting for export and sharing options. Help and support comes as standard and is 24/7 as would be expected from someone like Sony, and tutorials and forums make for learning the intricacies and the basics alike an enjoyable, informative, and positive process with ACID.


Why choose ACID Music Studio as your beat making software?

  • Huge brand name as it comes from Sony
  • Neat, one-screen-does-all interface
  • Potent timeline options
  • Professional options but with a more casual usability



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