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FL Studio Review

The Good: A great looking interface, designed to keep you fascinated for many hours to come. A robust a powerful beat creator, designed by experienced sound engineers that understand their audience. Provides tutorials for the beginner and enough power to keep the professional DJ satisfied.

The Bad: The premium price, although arguably well deserved.

The Verdict: Whether you are a beginner or a pro, if you are looking for one of the best beat making software that delivers, FL Studio can be the solution for you. Coming with a ton of features, packed in a sleek design, FL Studio will help you create amazing things.

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What makes FL Studio great beat making software?

FL Studio is a strong contender as the best beat making software. It has an outstanding interface that is specifically designed for long hours of working, which is something that many may do when creating their chosen audio. It is as well-designed as an interface can be while still providing a great deal of options to its user. For those who still have problem getting to grips with it, there is a Help button which provides access to a number of free and quality tutorials and explanations of the various parts of the program, making this a very accessible piece of kit. An advanced selection of keyboard shortcuts helps to increase speed and navigability.

Included with the beat creator are 99 loops, which are bound to be a sufficient number for all but experienced professional users. On each of these tracks, you can drag-and-drop the loops you create, and usefully, clicking on these loops will provide immediate editorial options to quite an advanced extent including loop length and timings. Every individual track also has an individual mixer that can be opened in the same program, meaning editing is quicker and your computer isn’t clogged up opening multiple plug-ins.

FL Studio also contains a large number of various sound effects that are sure to provide enough variety for most users. Synthesizers are other sounds are included amongst these. The addition of Fruity Stereo Enhance means the adaptability of these sounds is enormous – Standard filters to change the sound are available, but interestingly the ability to position the direction sounds will come from is a very clever feature.

Also included, as would be expected, is an artificial drum kit. This contains 24 changeable pads, all of which can be assigned to individual keyboard keys, freeing your mouse and allowing quick and easy creation of beats. Included along with this is a piano, that can play automatically and while doing so displays the notes it is playing – making this highly useful and user-friendly, and all notes and loops can be added or changed. Other instruments are also included, and third-party support ensures that there will always be a way to add the instrument that you want at the quality that you want.

Containing output support for WAV, MP3 and OGG file types, as well as ASIO, FL Studio contains support for the expected major file types, but perhaps does not excel in its exportation ability, though it does do well in the types it does support.

FL Studio is great at creating masterful beats, and with quality customer support and a lifetime of free updates included, FL Studio is hard to go wrong with. A strong interface and a large focus of usability and customisability help make FL Studio a solid purchase for almost anyone wanting to create professional-sounding beats, be they beginners or advanced users.


Why choose FL Studio as your beat making software?

  • Lovingly crafted with its users in mind
  • Cleverly designed with performance in mind
  • An abundance of solid editing features
  • Great support for artificial drum kits and keyboard support



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