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BTV Solo Review

The Good: Extraordinarily simple beat making software. Easy-to-learn and very suited to those wanting to jump straight into editing beats and tracks.

The Bad: Not at all suitable for advanced or intermediate users looking for professional beat makers, and missing many features of it’s more advanced competitors.

The Verdict: Very suitable for very casual users, and as long as you are aware of the limitations of the beat creator, it is a great piece of kit. The price slightly exceeds the value, but is not outrageous, and would be a good purchase for those who want to have fewer features with a cut price.

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What makes BTV Solo great beat making software?

BTV Solo is a beat maker meant only for beginners, but at this it is great. It is a very simple and very easy-to-learn beat maker, lacking some features you’ll find in most other programs but making up for this with its sheer accessibility. Everything the program can do is show on a single window, allowing quick and easy access to all of your options. This is a change from the sometimes-convoluted interface of more advanced applications; hence its recommendation for anyone just starting out with beat making software.

Thousands of sounds and over a hundred loops provide a great array of included possibilities for creating great tracks. A great number of these are professionally-done, and so provide a great quality and are suitable for use in any tracks you might be creating. One significant feature omission here, however, is that of a search engine, which can mean it takes a little bit too long to find the sound you are looking for in BTV’s database.

A non-traditional interface doesn’t display your tracks or loops, which may take getting used to and is the opposite of what professional beat making software does, making this unsuitable for those wanting to progress to professional software. However, MIDI keyboard support is present and everything can be bound to it, or your computer keyboard can be used as a substitute, as well as your mouse, making the control scheme simplified and saving time as you learn your way around the shortcuts. There is no drag-and-drop feature for sounds, which can be somewhat detrimental to efficiency. This said, automatic adjustment of new sounds to match the tempo you have set or created is present and is a very welcome feature that can help in making a piece of music or audio sound great.

BTV Solo includes WAV file editing, and you can add various effects, these sounds. A somewhat unique feature is that you can play another piece of music, and by clicking the beats-per-minute button, BTV Solo will adjust your tracks to match the same BPM, allowing you to create music with a similar beat structure to a piece of music that you enjoy or want to model yours on.

BTV Solo also comes with tutorials in order to allow easy learning of the beat maker software. Customer support is decent, with official YouTube videos giving help, and a members-only forum providing great community support. BTV Solo is a great entry-level piece of kit, and while it won’t be creating any genre-defining music, it can produce quality content that can be enjoyed by yourself and others.


Why choose BTV Solo as your beat making software?

  • Very simple and easy-to-use
  • Great for very casual users
  • Fantastic beat-matching options
  • Cheaper than many other products



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