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MAGIX Music Maker Premium Review

The Good: Fantastic and innovative features make MAGIX Music Maker Premium a delight to navigate and to use. An extensive range of sounds and effects and robust all-round features allow a great creative outflow.

The Bad: Many great sounds, but some could be higher-quality.

The Verdict: Fantastic and all-round quality. MAGIX Music Maker Premium delivers a robust package filled with features and innovations that show off its strengths as a very high-quality beat making program.

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What makes MAGIX Music Maker Premium great beat making software?

It is obvious from the get-go that MAGIX Music Maker Premium is an extensive and quality piece of beat making software. The sheer number of included sounds, well over 5000 and varied in range as they are large in number, is a testament to the quality and value of this program. A unique and extremely inventive and intuitive interface feature is that of color-coding of sounds. Coded by instrument or sound groups, it is easy to identify individual sounds while editing no matter how many different sounds or instruments are present in a recording. This makes both navigation and editing as well as keeping track of what is going on an absolute breeze and this is a welcome feature.

MAGIX also includes the standard features of allowing a MIDI keyboard, but also allows the usage of a keyboard for creating beats and acting as a keyboard, and when used this can apply your notes directly to the timeline, allowing a very speedy and immediate visual application of your changes and additions. Virtual instruments are also included, along with drum-sounds and many others, all of a good-quality, and which can be mapped to and played using your computer keyboard or MIDI keyboard.

The number of tracks available is unlimited, making this a package well-suited to those with high productivity or wanting a professional feel. Each of these can have their timeline extended to provide a clear view of all the sounds included within. Also, as soon as you drop any loops or sounds into the track, they are automatically set to match the tempo/beats per minute, saving a huge amount of time. Sound lengths can also be adapted and extended or shorted with easy mouse clicks, giving great efficiency.

Along with the previously-mentioned 5000 sounds and effects, are an enormous number of loops. These are particularly suited to easily creating ‘club’ music extremely easily. These can be edited and adapted in a great many of ways, including distortion and bass adjustment, and can be easily included into your tracks through a simple drag-and-drop. With this, time is saved, productivity is high, and the creativity options are massive. Almost no other beat making software provides such an extensive library of sounds, and it is certainly a big selling point.

MAGIX includes great customer support and a robust community with a support forum that contains professionals and other experienced users. Direct upload to social media sites such as YouTube and Facebook, and even SoundCloud, allow for a quick publishing of your work, and a lovely feature is that of an online MAGIX album, allowing you to share your works with only those who you want to hear it. A quality piece of beat maker software which provides great value-for-money and an innovative interface make this a highly-recommended beat maker.


Why choose MAGIX Music Maker Premium as your beat making software?

  • Innovative and powerful
  • Hugely navigable and user-friendly
  • Huge library of sounds and effects
  • Direct upload to multiple sites



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