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Zulu DJ Software Review

The Good: Zulu DJ Software is a basic platform made for the beginning DJ. Although the software can look somewhat old or undeveloped, the price-quality ratio makes up for what it lacks in looks.

The Bad: Neither the best looking, nor the most complete option by far.

The Verdict: If you are not looking for the most complete and top rated music mixing software, and don’t mind the looks of this complete music mixer for beginners, then Zulu offers a great value for money proposition to learn how to DJ.

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What makes Zulu a great DJ program?

Although never answering the questions ‘Which is the best DJ Software 2018?’, Zulu DJing software is instead a basic and well-rounded DJ program with a positive value for money ratio. It has a fairly user-friendly interface and a good range of options. The look and feel of the software is somewhat less developed as that of PCDJ Red Mobile and Dex, but offers the basics for a beginning DJ.

Overall, it is definitely not the most complete or most modern music mixer out there, but the price makes it nonetheless one of the most popular options out there. When looking for well-rounded product and a low price, Zulu will not disappoint.

Loadings tracks onto the Zulu deck will automatically start a scanning process for the beat and assign a beat per minute (BPM). On top of that, it will automatically adjust the speed of the second deck for perfect synchronization. You will be able to drag and drop music straight in the interface and preview upcoming tracks through the headphones via the second audio output.

Of course you can change the pitch of every track in real time, slow it down and speed it up to sync manually with the other tracks. Use cue pointers at a point in the track to start playing from there, loop sections within a track, synchronize loops to the BPM, apply real time effects to the track like distortion, high pass filters, phaser, flanger, delay and reverb, and equalize in real time on each track.

Why choose Zulu as your DJ Software?

Zulu is easy, simple, straightforward and user-friendly. Add to this that it is the most cheap DJ Software in our comparison and you have a product perfectly suited for the beginning DJ wanting to learn how to DJ. Keep in mind that Zulu does not support external DJ hardware.



Mixing Effects:

  • Automatic Beatmatching
  • Automatic Crossfade
  • Cue Points
  • Loops
  • Pitch Shifting
  • Scratch


Sound Effects:

  • Distortion
  • Reverb



  • Graphic Waveform
  • Playlists


Compatible Hardware:

  • Microphone


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