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Intelius Review

The Good: Very accurate and detailed checks. Although especially suited for business use, personal users can also use this site to fulfilment. Multiple payment options mean there is something for everyone’s price range.


The Bad: The service has suffered controversy and legal problems from its level of data, however this will not put you as the user at any risk.


The Verdict: A strong and highly accurate service, with personalised options and very capable search abilities. This advanced background check service is highly recommended and is worthy of the second place in our comparison of 2018.

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What makes Intelius a great background check service?

Intelius is a very quick, easy-to-use and advanced back ground check service that gives substantial returns very quickly. It is very accurate and has competitive pricing at a range of levels to cater for anyone’s needs. It is extensive to the degree that it could be used professionally, for example by employers, yet is also completely accessible to people wanting to check on the background of an acquaintance for any reason they might want to, or for searching for yourself.


Intelius’ service provides extremely accurate and powerful results that provides as much of a range of information as is possible to obtain legally and publically. Particularly advanced is its ability to search through commercial databases, and as such it is capable of looking up details such as private phone numbers and e-mail addresses, making this an extremely robust tool for getting the information on any particular person. This is an uncommon but extremely useful feature for finding a person’s details. Especially well-provided is the ability to contact Intelius and get them to send a person to pick up or find out about physical copies of records in places that do not or have not put any available records relating to the person you are interested in online, such as certain courthouses. This is a great feature and fills in a potential gap in coverage.


Other records that are included and could be of great use are criminal record checks, employment history, death records, and property ownership. These can all be used to build up a detailed picture of someone or find out information that may be important to your needs. Further records are provided for business-related clients, including credit checks on a person, meaning Intelius is great as a professional service as well as being suited to personal use for any reason.


The site has suffered from some controversy issues in the past due to its capabilities, however this does not affect you and it is fully legal to use on a personal level.


Intelius can search in a number of ways allowing searches to be done even with minimal information. Last name search is available, as is searching with full names and middle initial, phone numbers, e-mail addresses, by State, by city, by date of birth, and someone’s username on social network sites. However, the capability to search by a full address is not present, nor is a maiden name search, due to confidentiality rules.


A generous, free preview is provided upon search and gives some details allowing you to find if the person you are searching for is actually there. More in-depth reports can be purchased in a variety of bundles or just one report directly. This provides a great degree of flexibility in regards to how much or how little you may want without having to pay large costs for information not suited to your needs.


With many features suited to making extremely accurate background checks for business users, as well as many suited to casual or personal use, Intelius provides something for everyone and does so very well. This is one of the best background check service with many different payment options available.


Why choose Intelius as your background check site?

  • Highly accurate and abundant details from its search
  • Fantastic pricing options make it great for all users no matter how much or little they want
  • Great for users of all levels

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