Inteligator Review 2018
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Inteligator Review

The Good: Inteligator provides a great preview service that lets you know whether it has found the person that you want, making sure you are certain of the accuracy. Checks through an abundance of records and can do reverse searches, providing the best and most accurate service.

The Bad: Nothing, an advanced service that sets the bar in the industry.

The Verdict: In our Iteligator review we have found that the service provides a robust and modern feature set and advanced background checks into all aspects you could want. Suited excellently to both personal and professional use. Deservedly the best background check service of 2018 and winner of AlwaysReview Gold. 

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What makes Inteligator the best background check service?

Inteligator is a powerful service to investigate the past of anyone you might need to know the background details of. It is useful for making sure person is who they say they are and is not hiding important information. It is also great for check out yourself, which will allow you to see the details a potential employer or other person might be able to discover about you, giving you information and peace of mind about your own details.


The range of articles, websites, and documentation that Inteligator searches through is very large. These include a wide range of things such as birth records, death records, marriage and divorced records, arrests and warrants, inmate details, reverse search on multiple platforms (addresses, IPs, phone numbers), and many others that will help you find what you need to.


Inteligator provides a a great preview service allowing you to make sure it will investigate the person you are looking for, before making any payment. The payment method is two-fold, for individuals and business interested in a continuous service on people; there is the monthly subscription service. For individuals or companies interested in short-term information or a one-time check, there is the short-term payment option, not requiring you to remain a paying customer over a long period of time.


Through the thurough Inteligator review of 2018, it has become clear once again that this is the best background check service for both personal and advanced corporate use. Whether you are interested in finding information on a potential future employee or business partner, or whether you are interested in checking up on the best of potential spouse, this advanced background check service will give you the information and piece of mind you are looking for.


Why choose Inteligator as your background check site?

  • A great preview service makes sure you don’t spend needlessly
  • Searches many records, and provides strong reverse search capabilities
  • Fast, accurate and reliable service, suited for users of all levels


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