Best Typing Software

Best Typing Software Reviews

With the most popular typing software, you can improve your typing skills with great ease and fun. In no time you will find yourself typing like a pro.

#1 on our list of best typing software is Ultimate Typing. This software offers you 9 training topics and videos detailing what you have been doing wrong and how you can best improve.  Apart from the video instructions and training programs, the user interface is extremely user friendly.

#2 on our list of is the Typing Instructor Platinum. You get a dynamic training feature, ability to customize your learning goals and some lovely background music to keep you entertained as you go about the learning process. 

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  • Ultimate Typing
  • Typing Instructor Platinum
  • Typing Master Pro
  • Typing Quick & Easy
  • Typing Instructor For Business

Ultimate Typing

With Ultimate Typing, you get the best typing software. It is a program easy to use for typists of all skill levels and ages while maintaining its ease-of-use.  Using this software, you will be able to learn basic typing skills and after you have improved on the fundamental concepts, you will be able to improve your typing speed and accuracy.  With the software’s balance, you are guaranteed to enjoy all round improvements in your typing. The software also has interesting games to keep you busy when you need a break from the actual lessons. The user interface on this software is as simple as it gets. It is indeed what sets the standard in our comparison of the best typing tutor software. You won’t be left wondering how to reach important options. 

Typing Instructor Platinum

The Typing Instructor Platinum Software excels in its ability to help individuals learn how to type in an engaging manner. This is achieved by its use of a unique and nicely designed travel theme. While you learn to type, you will be able to “travel” through different eras and your “passport” gets stamped as you complete different lessons and exercises. Although this typing tutor software is not as intuitive as our number one software, this wonderful travel experience removes the formal feeling of learning, offering a very interesting learning experience. This very good typing program should be top on your list if you need engaging and interactive activities to stay focused while learning. You are guaranteed to learn touch typing in no time, in a fun and interesting manner.

Typing Master Pro

Typing Master Pro is for individuals looking to learn typing with no-whistles and bells software.  It offers you all you will ever need in the improvement of your typing skills. This includes accuracy training, timed tests and an accumulative curriculum. The software doesn’t offer anything else beyond these basics but its unique satellite feature means that the software is good enough to make it to our list of best typing tutor software. The software looks obsolete because it doesn’t have any of the interesting features found in some of our reviewed products like games and colorful themes. With a more polished interface, the software will be able to challenge our top rated products.  Still many users will find this software more than enough for touch typing learning.

Typing Quick & Easy

This software is designed to be used by anyone regardless of age but it is one of the best when it comes to offering kids the best typing learning experience. It achieves this by providing equal doses of entertainment and education. Using this application, young people can quickly and easily develop touch-typing skills. This is achieved by the use of comprehensive typing lessons and eight engaging and interesting games. The software is easy to use as it offers an intuitive and straightforward interface.

Typing Instructor For Business

Typing Instructor for Business is a good typing program from the Typing Instructor manufacturers. Living up to its name, the software is meant for business professionals focused on improving their typing skills in a bid to increase their productivity and efficiency at work place.  The application is not as deep as the other products we have reviewed in terms of functionality but it still offers a good typing learning experience for individuals who want to improve their learning skills in short notice. 

Typing Software Reviews

What is typing software?

Touch typing allows you to be able to place all ten fingers over a keyboard with each finger only striking certain keys. Perfecting this means it will be easy for you to type and read simultaneously while typing rapidly and accurately. This improvement in efficiency and productivity will save you more time.

Now, the best touch typing programs like Ultimate Typing, Typing Instructor Platinum, and TypingMaster Pro are all created to help you learn how to type in the manner described above.  Even for individuals who already type fast enough, these software can help you discover new levels of efficiency you didn’t think possible. With our reviews of the best typing software in 2018, you should be able to pick the best one for you.

What is the best typing software?

With the plethora of typing tutor software in the market, making a decision on which one to choose is far from an easy proposition. There are many of them with numerous varying features (relevant and non-relevant).  Fortunately, we have done our best to look through a good number of them and after our comparison we have come up with the best typing program you can use. Top on that list is the Ultimate Typing software. If you want an all-in-one typing learning solution, this is the best typing practice software to go with. 

How to choose the best typing program

The best typing software doesn’t have to make your learning process a lot of hard work. Rather, they should be able to offer you the best training, in an engaging, motivating and effective manner. This will help you achieve you training goals irrespective of whether you are looking to improve at work or at school. Here are some key points to have in mind.

Typing training offered

In getting typing software, the first focus should be on the effectiveness of the application. With the very best typing tutor software, you should be able to enjoy step-by-step training lessons that will teach you all you need to know about touch typing and there must be enough exercises geared towards helping you practice the lessons learnt.  The lessons should be structured in such a way that each one builds on the last one.

Good typing programs need to offer training that properly balances out typing fast and accurately.  This is because any benefits achieved with typing fast get eroded if you make mistakes. There should also be training that focuses on ergonomics and dictation. With the ergonomics training, you will be able to learn positioning and proper posture while typing so that you will be able to prevent injuries related to typing as you go about the process.

Apart from the normal lessons, there should be games and other warm-up exercises.  This will offer you a good way of practicing lessons learnt without having to actually be attentive to the lesson. This will help you improve your abilities on a keyboard while having fun.

Good typing software equally needs to have optimized learning. This means that the software should be able to offer you lessons based on your abilities and progress in previous lessons while ensuring you repeat certain lessons if you fall beyond a predetermined level.  This will help you get the best out of each lesson.

In-built features

Apart from the training on offer from the software, you equally need to have a look at the features it boasts of. These features are very important because they often influence the applications effectiveness and usability.  For instance, you should be able to customize the fonts and size of text displayed by the software and you should be able to bring in your own practice text. The best applications should be able to offer you video tutorials as well as virtual keyboard as these will go a long way in helping you understand important concepts in typing.

The ability to set your own typing goals should equally be on the best typing software.  With this, you can decide you only need to improve accuracy or to reach a particular words-per-minute ratio.

Tracking and Reporting of Progress

If there is no way to keep track on your progress, the software will not be able to deliver the right lessons or keep an eye on your improvements. Some of the things the software should measure include words per minute rate, accuracy by hand, finger etc.  Tracking this will make it easy for you to know your areas of weakness as well.