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Best Data Recovery Software Reviews

When files are lost, they stay in the memory of the drive until they are over written by new data. The files can no longer be found because direct access or pathway to the data has been lost. With the best data recovery software, you can find your data even when the pathway no longer exists.

Therefore, if you have lost some of your best files, there is no need to panic. If you are using one of the top recovery programs, you can get your files back from external disk drives, deleted partitions, USB drives, SD cards and even your PC when you cannot access Windows. If looking to recover data from your Mac, click here.

Our #1 recovery software, Stellar Phoenix Home is able to offers all of these and more as it can easily recover over 200 file types. Our #2 and #3 best recovery tools Data Rescue PC and R-Studio also do a great job at bringing back your highly valuable files, while offering an intuitive and straight forward user interface. 

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Stellar Phoenix Home

We all put work into making sure that our files are backed up properly. However, when sudden disk disasters happen, important documents, media files, and valuable family pictures can go missing. This situation can be dealt with properly by using Stellar Phoenix Home.

Stellar is the best data recovery program on the market today. Its intuitive interface, allows even the most non-experts in recovery and IT to extract everything they wish for. This file recovery tool is great at recovering and restoring deleted files from reformatted drives, altered partitions, CDs and DVDs, external drives and mobile phone memory cards.

It is the consistent quality, robustness and ease of use, that make Stellar Phoenix Home the winner of AlwaysReview Gold and the best data rescue software available.


Data Rescue PC

Coming in second in our comparison of the best recovery software of 2018, Data Recue PC is a very good program to use with many advanced features. Anyone that has dealt with cases of data loss or a crashed hard drive will understand the importance of using easy and intuitive software that doesn’t add to the frustration and stress of the moment. Using Data Rescue PC, you can easily recover your files even when your computer refuses to boot windows. All you need to do in using the software is to simply insert the installation disc and follow the on-screen instructions. Using this tool, you can carry out complex recovery processes in a non-complex manner. 


R-Studio for Windows is a very good solution when it comes to sorting out all kinds of data loss disasters. At a third position of our recovery software review of 2018, this program includes the functionalities of extracting files from reformatted partitions, damaged disks and hard drives.  On top fo this, the data recovery software offers a very good editor and also has advanced RAID functionalities.

Using R-Studio, you can easily recover all known file types that have been deleted. The recovery will fail however, if the files have been written over. This software works perfectly with all windows operating systems and it performs disk imaging with ease.  There are utilities to handle all scales of data loss from simple file deletions to the more difficult data loss.

R-Studio is a one of the best advanced data rescue tools, but not for the user without technical knowhow. 

Windows Data Recovery

Using Disk Doctors Windows Data Recover, you can recover files partitions that have been deleted or reformatted. You can also recover files from missing or corrupt partitions. The data rescue software is equally able to achieve disk imaging, an important backup feature required if you recovering data from a damaged disk. The product comes in different versions. These include the Outlook, Media, FAT and NTFS recovery versions. Although not a one-stop solution, as some of the other products in our data recovery software review, it is a great hard disk recovery tool worthy of your consideration.

Data Recovery Wizard

With Data Recovery Wizard, there is an increased possibility of recovering your lost files. Files can be recovered using this data rescue program, from formatted disks, damaged disks, memory cards and other external storage devices. This recovery tool can help in recovering files in the event of a crashed hard disk and it is equally possible to recover RAW data. The file systems supported by this software include FAT12, FAT16, FAT32 and NTFS/NTFS5. Although not the best data recovery software in our comparison of 2018, the Wizard is a great tool supporting a wide range of file types.

Recovery Tools

What is Data Recovery Software?

Data loss hits computer users in different ways but most often data is lost following a malware or virus attack. This often leads to loss of data on infected computers. It is equally possible to lose data following power surge in a situation where the computer doesn’t have surge protection. Another common cause of file loss is by accident deletion or the reformatting of the disk.  The best data recovery can be used to remedy these unfortunate situations and retrieve those files.

Over the last few years, the recovery development or reocovery tools has come in leaps and bounds.  So data loss is no longer as much of a problem as it was in the past, as long as you are using the right tool.  

With an entire hard drive getting damaged or corrupted, you can recover data by using tools that are able to recover data from damaged hard drives. All that is needed is to install the software into a separate storage drive to avoid overwriting the lost data.

When using the best recovery software, an initial scan has to be completed and this will let you know what files you can recover. The efficacy of the recovery process is dependent on the extent of damage and the amount of time the file has stayed “lost”.  At the end of the scan, you can proceed with the recovery process.

There are different recovery program options to consider when in need of one.  Some of them work for recovering specific file types while the rest work for recovery of all file types. For instance, using some software, you will not be able to recover files other than Microsoft Office documents, Outlook emails etc. Other software will help you recover all file types include Zip files and. Exe files.

Keep this in mind when selecting the best file recovery software for your specific needs.


What is the best Data Recovery Software?

Choosing the best hard drive recovery tools goes beyond looking through the top ten lists scattered all over the internet. Whilst the authors of these pieces are entitled to their opinions, your focus should be on looking for software that is properly rounded, offering you value for money.   We have done the leg work for you and have come up with the best data recovery tools you should consider.

#1 on our list is the Stellar Phoenix Home as the best recovery software of 2018. Even though this is an entry-level product, is has the ability to find over 200 file types, making it rare to find a user that is not left deeply satisfied after using this product. As it can recover files from practically all sources such as DVDs, Hard Disks, USB Drives and is fairly pricesed is the winner of AlwaysReview Gold of 2018.

#2 on the list is the Data Rescue PC software. Using this hard disk recovery software, you can restore files even when you can’t get the operating system to run.  Its ability to work over a network connection makes it easy to recover from severe data loss scenarios. The software has an easy to use interface, making it a good choice for individuals who are yet to face the rigors and anxieties of file recovery.


How to choose the best file Recovery Software?

To choose the best file recovery software to use, the first step you need to take is not choosing the cheapest one, but rather find out what you are dealing with. Are you looking at recovering old family pictures or are you dealing with a damaged or corrupt hard drive? Knowing what you are looking for will help you in choosing the best disk recover software for the task. Other things you need to look out for when looking to choose the best hdd recovery software are as detailed below.

What devices are recoverable?

With the best recovery software, you should be able to recover files from formatted partitions, USB devices, memory cards, camera memories, etc.

What recovery features are available?

Great recovery software should be able to allow you to preview files. This makes it easy to pick out files you need to recover and also decide if the software is good enough for you. It should also be able to allow you view recovered files by size, date of modification etc. This will help your recovery effort, increasing the chances of finding what you are looking for.

What kind of support is available?

This is very important for individuals who are newbies to the data recovery process.  There should be fast response from customer service, a rich FAQ section, video tutorials and a recovery wizard. All of these may not be available at once but if you cannot get quick answers to any bugging issues, your chances of completing the recovery process as a newbie is very slim even with software that offers the most simplified user interface.