best 4k tvs under 1000

Best 4k TVs Under $1000 (£700)

While 4k TVs are still a relatively new tech, the market is slowly but surely becoming saturated with affordable products that come in this resolution and offer a great performance. There are going to be some compromises in this price range, but you can definitely find a great 4k TV that won't break your bank account. We've done some research, and figured out what are the best 4k TVs under $1000 at the moment. 

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  • Samsung UN40JU7100
  • Sony XBR55X810C
  • VIZIO P602ui-B3
  • Samsung UN55JU6400
  • VIZIO M55-C2

Samsung UN40JU7100

Samsung UN40JU7100 is a proven solution from Samsung that has been around for some time now. It doesn't come with any of the super advanced bells and whistles, but it offers the most balanced core performance for the money. It's currently the best 4k TV under $1000. 

Sony XBR55X810C

Sony's XBR55X810C is a great 4k TV that offers mostly the basic features and options, but generally great performance. It comes with certain flaws although they can be overlooked if you consider everything this TV delivers. With the prices going down, this TV is going to become a bargain soon. 

VIZIO P602ui-B3

For those who want a larger display and a pretty decent performance, VIZIO P602ui-B3 is going to be more than a great purchase. It’s fairly well balanced, and allows you to enjoy some truly great colors. Only flaw we would consider noticeable is the loss of saturation if you look at it from an angle. 

Samsung UN55JU6400

UN55JU6400 belongs to a slightly less advanced and cheaper series of Samsung 4k TVs compared to the JU7100 model. Its contrast ratio is pretty narrow, and the black color comes across as gray in poorly lit environment. However, Samsung UN55JU6400 is also significantly cheaper than the JU7100 series, and currently offers the best value for the money. 


For what is supposed to be a less advanced line of models from their P-Series, VIZIO M55-C2 actually offers the same, if not better performance. It definitely has its flaws, but at its price it is definitely a great option for budget users who want a larger display and good enough performance. 

best 4k tvs under 1000 dollars

What is the best 4k TV under $1000 (£700)? 

In this price range you will find TVs that are still considered to belong in the budget category, but with a broader palette of features. You will definitely have to make some compromises, but your options are far better. We found five 4k TVs under $1000 that we concluded are currently the best you can get for this amount of money. These TVs feature different screen sizes, but are generally close in performance. 

Our top pick for a 4k TV under $1000 is the Samsung UN40JU7100. It is best balanced of the five models we found, and offers the best overall performance. However it is also the smallest TV on our list. Its only flaws are the same that plague most of the TVs in this class, and that’s the loss of picture quality at an angle, and sub par set of speakers. These two flaws seem to be unavoidable in this price range. 

Second place belongs to Sony XBR55X810C for its larger screen and good versatility. It’s a well made TV that can still compete with more recent models. Picture quality is great, although it does have darker corners. You won’t notice this too often, but it is something to expect. 

VIZIO P602ui-B3 is a model that sits somewhere in the middle since it offers a generous screen size, but a pretty average performance. It suffers from pretty much the same standard problems we’ve already mentioned, only everything is more noticeable on a larger screen size. There is a decent amount of blur, and upscaling isn’t too great especially under 1080p. However, if screen size is your primary requirement, this is pretty much the best you can get under $1000 at the moment. 

Samsung UN55JU6400 and VIZIO M55-C2 are both very interesting TVs that are significantly cheaper than our first three picks. However, there is a reason for that. Samsung UN55JU6400 features a very narrow contrast ratio that leaves behind washed out dark colors, and VIZIO M55-C2 comes with noticeable blur that can become annoying after a while. If you can live with these flaws, you can have two really affordable options on the table. 


Even though it features the smallest screen size, the Samsung UN40JU7100 offers the best quality to price ration in our price range. If it’s just too small for your taste, than the Sony is your next best option. Those with a more limited budget should really give Samsung UN55JU6400 and VIZIO M55-C2  a chance.