Best Video Editing Software Reviews

Best Video Editing Software Reviews

Video editors, used to create anything from funny compilations to full-blown blockbusters, can vary hugely in quality and expense. We have compared the best programs out there, to help you make the best possible choice. In our review we have looked at features such as importing videos, photos and audio, being able to easily create transitions and add cool effects, having high-end performance without crashes and of course accessibility for the casual user without sacrificing that full blown Steven Spielberg functionality like 3D, 4k and multi-cam editing.

Taking all of this into account and adding value-for-money as the icing on the cake, led us to the best video editing software of 2018: Cyberlink PowerDirector Deluxe. Cyberlink wins with flying colors due to its intuitive layout and advanced versatile abilities such 3D, 4k & Multi-cam editing. Second on our list is the user-friendly Movavi Video Editor as a great option for beginning editors.

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  • CyberLink PowerDirector Deluxe
  • Movavi Video Editor
  • MAGIX Movie Edit Pro Plus
  • Pinnacle Studio
  • Roxio Creator NXT

CyberLink PowerDirector Deluxe

CyberLink PowerDirector Deluxe is the most stable, intuitive and advanced video editing program of 2018. Suited very much to both casual and professional users alike, it boasts a very intuitive interface while supporting high-end features such as 4k resolution output, 3D support and multicam editing. The sleek and attractive interface is purposely designed to be easily learnt, and can be used to create anything from slideshows, compilations, blu-ray discs to Spielberg-quality movies. Cyberlink is the rightful winner of AlwaysReview Gold in the category Best Video Editing Software of 2018.

Movavi Video Editor

Movavi Video Editor can take basic simple shot videos and turn them into a Tarantino production. It will cut, edit, alter, splice and sync your videos with ease, while allowing you to add audio, text, titles and animations. On top of that, it can capture videos on your screen including the audio and save them in any format you can imagine. Its especially the wide range of supported formats that is somewhat unique to Movavi.

Overall, Movavi is a one of the best video editing software available and a worthy number 2 on our list. It is not however the most advanced editor. Although it allows 3D importing and saving,  there is no 3D or 4k editing and also no multi-cam support. Choose Movavi because it is extremely good and very intuitive in what it does: the basics. 

MAGIX Movie Edit Pro Plus

MAGIX Movie Edit Pro Plus is a sleek and easy-to-use video editor, that has a strong emphasis on usability but still provides to more experienced users. It is easy to learn with self-explaining names and tooltips, and provides a particularly high-quality capability of cleaning up and enhancing video and creating a professional look. It provides a number of templates and effects that might be used to create a great-looking video without much fuss. Also provided is AVCHD support, allowing it to edit videos of the format often used by a video camera.

Pinnacle Studio

Pinnacle Studio is a video editor with a truly vast number of effects and transitions, all of which are easily applied to a video project. These include both 2D and 3D effects, allowing for professional, quality scene transitions that are unique and unusual. A great piece of video editor software for beginners or light users, though some more advanced users may find it appealing if trying to create an easy and simple project that looks good without the fuss. Audio tracks are included so your own audio or music can be put over a video. It also includes a number of advanced effects that can be applied to a video.

Roxio Creator NXT

Roxio Creator NXT is a creative suite that includes a range of editing possibilities. It has a video editor, a standalone audio and music editor, and an image editor. With all of these included at a price not much different to standard video editors, it is hugely recommendable from a value point-of-view. Although its video editing is not particularly advanced, it is solid, and it allows an entire video production to be done from one place. Also included is a music library of royalty-free music and sound effects. As such, this video editor is great for casual and more experienced users looking to make great videos or presentations without the fuss or expense of multiple products.

Best Video Editor

What is video editing software?

Video editing software is used to edit videos that have been taken from other devices. It can be used to enhance or change anything from home videos to professional movies, and is a useful piece of kit for anyone wanting to make their videos more watchable or to be creative with their recordings. Good film editing software can covert video files to be playable on a wide range of devices such as iPhones to gaming consoles, and they can be used to make files sizes and videos a smaller or larger size.


What is the best video editor?

The best all-round video editing software for PC is Cyberlink PowerDirector 12. This is a versatile product that can be used for any range of digital editing. It can be used to create professional-quality videos, but is not inaccessible to the casual user – it caters to experienced and inexperienced users alike. It is a powerful movie editor for pc that can do almost any editing task that might be required of it, from simply cutting out parts of a video through to fixing shaky videos (Shaky Cam), lining up audio to video, or syncing videos taken from multiple cameras automatically. Impressively, PowerDirector 12 can create and save 3D and even 4K resolution video, high-end features that are ahead of their time.

Important features for many users include:

  • Easy-to-use, but still powerful
  • Features appropriate to casual users
  • Advanced features useful for professional or experienced users
  • Edits and effects can be applied and viewed quicker than any other editing software
  • 3D editing and output
  • 4K editing and output
  • Creation of mobile (phone and tablet)-compatible video
  • Takes advantage of the latest computer hardware for optimum speed
  • Themes to help create a lively DVD or video clip
  • Blu-ray disc creation
  • Support for multicam and multicam editing


The many features of Cyberlink PowerDirector 12 leave it undeniably the most useful and potent general video editing software. It is the ideal port-of-call for a user looking for their first video editor, as well as someone looking to get a powerful program with an intuitive user interface.


How to choose the best video editing software?

When choosing the best movie maker from our comparison, it is important to consider how much you need from a program and what end result you want from an edit is. Professional-grade movie making software may be very expensive and contain interfaces and options that are completely unintuitive to anyone who doesn’t work in that field, while beginner-level movie editors may not provide a lot of power or options compared to what is needed or allow you to develop your skills. For the most basic of videos, i.e. photo montages, free software can be useful and provide much of what is needed. However, for anything more complicated, or if a more robust, reliable movie editor is needed, it is important to look for a program suitable to your needs. Here are some questions that are important to ask before making any decisions:

  • How much do you want to spend on the program?
  • Are you going to be creating home movies or DVDs?
  • Are you going to be editing longer movies, or trying to produce professional-looking videos?
  • Do you need to be able to add unique effects?
  • How speedy do you need your previews and your output to be?
  • Are you technically-minded about video editing, and do you need something with strong features and/or an easy-to-use interface?
  • Could other members of the family find the program useful?


Although selecting a top rated video editor software may seem like a challenge involving confusing terminology, many programs are geared towards the casual user and yet provide the usual features you might need. Equally, someone requiring a more robust movie editing software should not be put off that many of these programs do not cost thousands or that they are not necessarily industry-grade programs, as they contain many of the same features with a more intuitive interface than might be present in high-end editing software.

The movie editing software for windows and mac included in this review are versatile and useful to a great number of people. That includes someone simply burning their own DVDs, and wanting to put some stylish spin on them, or someone wanting to make their home videos look nicer, through to someone wanting to create a professional presentation of a video to be shown to people, and to indie film producers who may need a cost-effective way of editing and producing their films.