Guild Wars 2 Leveling Guide

Best Guild Wars 2 Leveling Guide

Guild Wars 2 is a constantly growing and evolving MMO. Whether you are exploring the living world of sunken ruins and gigantic cities, or charging dragons head-on with other adventurers, GW2 offers something for everyone. In order to get the most out of your experience, we have compared and reviewed the best Guild Wars 2 leveling & gold guides.

Number 1 in our comparison of the best GW2 leveling guides is Killer Guides. The artists at Killer Guides have created both an amazing leveling guide, a strategic PVP guide and an amazing gold guide. All when bought in bundle, there is fantastic discount as well. Number 2 in our comparison, at somewhat of a distance is Guild War 2 Secrets with some thorough leveling advice.

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Killer Guides GW2 Guide

Guild Wars 2 features 7 races, thousands of possible builds and a ton of skills to develop. On top of that the crafting and the way the trade system is setup (to not allow you to make money), make it one of the most challenging and rewarding MMORPGs to master. And Killer Guides can help you with this.

Ranked #1 in our comparison and officially crowned the best Guild Wars 2 leveling guide, gold guide and PVP guide. Yes, these guys have truly perfected their art. For years they have been creating guides for all MMORPGs and more and have brought their skills to GW2 as well.

Whether you want to level from 0 to 80 in record time, become the richest player in GW2 or play PVP on a completely different level, check out the guides by Killer Guides. 

Guild Wars 2 Secrets

The GW2 Secrets guide is an all-in-one course which shows you how you can become a professional in virtually all aspects of this game. As a guide it teaches you all you need to know about professions, items, exploring the dungeon, power leveling and indeed skill mastery. All of these are geared towards helping you enjoy the Guild War game. By the time you lay hold of it, you will see why this Guild Wars 2 level guide merits its place at the #2 spot on our list.  The guide consists of the complete power leveling guide, the gold gatherer bible and the complete profession guides. Written by one of the biggest names in the GW2 world, you are guaranteed to get good value for money.

Guild Wars 2 Leveling

This guide is aimed specifically at individuals who are more concerned about getting the best Guild Wars 2  leveling guide instead of a general guide that teaches every aspect of the game. With this guide, you will be able to blitz through the GW2 game from level 1 to 80 in very little time.  In comparison to some of the best guides in the market today, this guide features some of the best GW2 power leveling instructions you will ever see. It is the best for individuals who already have an understanding of the game and looking for how they can hit the peak level pretty quickly. It will be appreciated by both advanced GW2 gamers and newbies (to a lesser extent). 

Guild Wars 2 Domination

Although this guide isn’t the best GW2 level guide, it is still heads and shoulders above some of the “guides” scattered around the web so it merits its place in our reviews. Regardless of your experience or age, Guild Wars 2 Domination is guaranteed to be of help to you as long as you are passionate about the GW2 game. You are guaranteed to reach level 80 within a couple of weeks. The guide not only teaches leveling, you will learn other general tips geared towards rapidly increasing your gaming experience. Everything is legal an there is a money back guarantee as well. You can get your refund instantly so you have nothing to worry about.

Gold Wars 2

Gold Wars 2 is very different from the best GW2 level guide we have covered in our review. It is not a GW2 strategy guide, rather, it is an analytical gold investing tool that helps you figure out the best deals happening in the trading posts at any given point. All updates are live and using this service is free today. Gold Wars 2 can be used in three easy and straightforward steps that can be taken by anyone. If you are tired of having to spend time analyzing the trading post items on your own, this is the right guide for you. Using this guide, you will maximize your visits to the trading post to the fullest.


What is a Guild Wars 2 leveling guide?

Guild Wars 2  is a fantasy game that has grown to become one of the most popular Online Role Playing Games around today. The game makers set out to revolutionize the role playing game world and that they have achieved. Hundreds of thousands of players are drawn to this game because of its depth and intricacy.  However, this is not without its drawbacks of course. As a newbie to this game, you are bound to be confused at the complexities and advancement remains a mirage for weeks till you either start getting the hang of things gradually or give up entirely like most. This is where the best Guild Wars 2 leveling guide comes in. These guides come from experts who have spent thousands of hours playing this game and conquering the 80 levels. Learning from them shortens the learning process for you a great deal, helping you become proficient in the game in record time.

What is the best Guild Wars 2 level guide?

Choosing the best Guild Wars 2 guide is a problem because many people have gone ahead to take advantage of the anxiety and pressure that comes with playing this game to churn out massive loads of trash, conning unsuspecting gamers into thinking that they have the best GW2 level guide. Thankfully, we have found the best GW2 leveling guide available. Both our top ranked GW2 gold guide and GW2 level guide is Killer Guides. It is by far the most professional organization when it comes to creation thorough and resourceful game guides. Written by experts in the Online Role Gaming scene, you can be sure that this guide is armed to the teeth. We are talking about experts that have Gladiator status in WoW! There are a few others of course but you can’t go wrong with any of these two. #2 is GW2 Secrets. With this Guild Wars 2 level guide, you will blitz through your levels in record time, get all the biggest arms that will help you decimate your opponents, help you become very rich in gold etc.

How to choose your guide?

In choosing a guide you need to make up your mind of what you are looking to achieve in the game. Are you looking to be an expert in a certain roles or are you looking to become an all-round expert?   There are guides that cater for specific classes while others cater for all classes so your decision will help you know where to look for a guide. However, you are better off buying a guide that is very comprehensive, as you will definitely want to take on another role after completing the initial role you set out as.

 A guide on GW2 does not qualify as comprehensive unless it covers some very important parts of this game. What are these?

  • GW2 level guide: This will teach you  high speed leveling for all roles telling you all the important points you need to keep in mind for each level
  • Cooking guides: Every all in-one- guide needs to have a portion explain what to cook for you, how to cook and the best time to cook it in order to achieve the best results for leveling.
  • Build guides: These will help you avoid time wasting on weak builds by explaining level by level only the strongest builds for all classes.
  • The insiders crafting guide: This will explain the best possible crafting materials to use and how you can use each one to not just get trophies, but the most experience.
  • Guide on PvP: Without these guides, you will not be able to bring out the potential of your character in PvP.
  • Dungeon guides: These will help you know the best armor and weapons to get out of the huge dungeons.
  • Boss guide: These are very important in telling you what you need to know about defeating the boss at every level with the class you have chosen else you will be stuck in one level for weeks unending.
  • The gold guides: These will help you know what to do to keep your pockets filled as you find your way through the game.

Next to consider is the pricing. Finds a guide that offers what you are looking for at a price you can afford and you will enjoy your gaming to the fullest. A great level guide should also good customer support and good on-going support to customers.