best fitness trackers under 150 dollars

Best Fitness Trackers Under $150 (£100)

Fitness trackers and wearable electronics in general, are becoming more and more popular each day. These small devices a great value especially to those who work out daily, or are trying to keep track of their fitness activities throughout the day. The market is currently saturated to a point where you can find great fitness trackers for a decent amount of money. They come in all kinds of flavors, sporting different features and designs. We did some research into what is the best fitness tracker under $150, and this is what we came up with. 

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  • Fitbit Charge HR
  • Jawbone UP2
  • Microsoft Band
  • Garmin Vivofit Fitness Band
  • Misfit Shine

Fitbit Charge HR

Fitbit Charge HR is one of the most popular fitness trackers on the market. It sports every feature that may need from a device of this type, and offers a great balance of price and performance. Design is not too flashy for daily use, and the subtle display is sufficient enough to allow you to easily access any data you need. What really separates Fitbit Charge HR from the competition is the fact that it features a heart rate monitor that doesn't require the use of a chest strap, which is rare in this price range. 


Jawbone UP2

Jawbone UP2 is an inconspicuous fitness tracker that has proven to be both practical and functional. Thanks to its design, it's very comfortable for everyday use, and looks like a piece of jewelry more than a wearable electronic device. Jawbone UP2 comes with every feature you need, and offers fairly accurate data for a device that uses an accelerometer. 


Microsoft Band

Microsoft Band is a fitness tracker that comes with many features found in wearable smart devices. While it monitors your activity, it also allows you to preview emails, and see who's calling you. It sports a large display that makes it easy to access any information quickly, and most importantly, it uses GPS to calculate all the data such as distance traveled and similar. It's somewhat cumbersome to wear, however its features make it worth the effort.  

Garmin Vivofit Fitness Band

If you want a performance oriented fitness tracker that comes with every essential feature at an affordable price, then Garmin Vivofit Fitness Band is exactly what you are looking for. It offers the best value for the money, and brings some rather uncommon solutions. The battery life is extraordinary, especially since it comes with an always-on display. It's a low profile device that is easy to use, and easy to maintain. 

Misfit Shine

Misfit Shine is an entry level fitness tracker that offers a very basic design, and comes with the most basic features. However, unlike most fitness trackers it is waterproof to 5 atm, which makes it great for swimmers. It has certain drawbacks and issues that should have been resolved, but at this price, you will hardly find a better device. Misfit Shine is a fitness tracker that is tailored for those with a very limited budget. 


best fitness trackers under 150

What is the best fitness tracker under $150? 

There are numerous fitness trackers in this price range that offer a plethora of features. However, most of them are poorly designed and rarely deliver what they advertise. We chose these five devices mostly because of their established reputation, and the fact that they have only been refined since their initial release. All five of these come with very similar features, and only differ in certain aspects. Which one will fit your needs the best will depend what you want your fitness tracker to do, and how you intend to use it. Our choice for the best fitness tracker in this price range was determined based on its performance, price, and reliability. 

Device that scored the best in all of these aspects is the Fitbit Charge HR. Out of all the devices presented in this article, it offers the best combination of performance, design, and functionality. It sports a decent display, comes with a heart rate monitor that doesn't require any chest straps or similar accessories. It also has a more than decent battery life, and comes with advanced features such as caller ID. 

Next best thing would be the Jawbone UP2. It is less advanced compared to Fitbit Charge HR, but it has proven to be very reliable and practical for everyday use. Its design is inconspicuous, and it keeps track of all the important stats and more. Battery life is good, which is partially due to the lack of a display. Features that come with Jawbone UP2 cover all the basics and add several non-standard ones.  

Microsoft Band is the most feature-rich device on our list, and it partially crosses into smart wearable device category. It comes with every important element you would want your fitness tracker to have, with the addition of GPS support, while it also comes packed with smart features such as e-mail and text message previews, caller ID and more. The only reason why it is in the third place is its cumbersome design and a short battery life. 

Garmin Vivofit Fitness Band  is the absolute value for the money choice. It sports all the important features, along with a decent display, and it's priced very well. The battery life is excellent with its one year cycle, even though there is no way to charge it. Its design makes it inconspicuous and stylish enough to wear every day, while it's not heavy enough to be a nuisance. Overall a great budget choice. 

Misfit Shine comes in last due to its limited features and very simple design. It's the low cost solution that may look like its not worth it, but it still delivers a decent performance. You can't expect to have anything more than the most basic features, especially at this price. 


While we stand behind our opinion that you should absolutely go for Fitbit Charge HR if you have $150 to spend on a fitness tracker, all of these devices are represent good choices that tailor to different tastes and requirements. If you want the best value for the money, then Garmin Vivofit is going to be your best option. Those with a very restricted budget will find sufficient performance in Misfit Shine.