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Sony XBR55X810C Review

The Good: Great picture quality, smooth transitions, pretty low input lag. 

The Bad: Loss of saturation if viewed at an angle, noticeably dark corners. 

The Verdict: Sony XBR55X810C is definitely a TV for those who are looking for core performance and don't care about more advanced features. 

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XBR55X810C is one of Sony's budget 4k TVs that shares some features with its more expensive cousins, but also brings certain compromises. It comes across as fairly basic compared to the competition, but it features great core performance. 

Design and Features

Sony XBR55X810C is not as sleek as we would like it to be, especially since it's the 2015 model. It's a 55" TV with bezels that are formidably thick, making the whole package feels cumbersome. The stand is stable, but very light and it doesn't really inspire confidence. All in all, the build quality is noticeably worse than it is with in just one category more advanced Sony models. Side input features 4 HDMI, 3 USB, 1 3.5mm Audio Out, 1 RF in and 1 RF out port. Rear input panel sports 1 Ethernet, 2 Composite In, 1 component In, and 1 Digital Audio Out Optical port. Speakers are average at best, offering the most basic performance. 

Sony XBR55X810C upscales very well, and there is no issue with viewing lower resolution media on this TV. Picture quality is where this Sony shines. You can expect very sharp experience with great transitions and very natural motion blur. Response time is great while the input lag sits well below the limit where you would find gaming uncomfortable on this TV. Colors are good, although color calibration isn't very precise. Corners are darker, and you will probably notice that in some situations, but it doesn't impact the overall experience too much. One thing Sony XBR55X810C can't boast about are the viewing angles. At around 30 degrees you will start to see a loss of color saturation. It's not too bad, but it makes it difficult to use this TV in a large living room. 

Sony XBR55X810C comes with Android OS that is not the smoothest one on the market, but gets the job done. It features a clean layout that is easy to navigate, and supports all the major apps. You can connect this TV to the internet using WiFi or Ethernet cable. 


  • Display Type: LED 
  • Resolution: 4k Ultra HD
  • Refresh Rate: 120Hz native
  • Ethernet: Yes 
  • WiFi: Yes 
  • Smart Functionality: Yes 
  • Input: 4 HDMI, 3 USB


Sony XBR55X810C is all about core performance. You won't find any advanced features on this TV, and the build quality is just above average. However, great picture quality and sharp image is something this Sony guarantees. At this price range, it's still one of the best 4k TVs you can find. 

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