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Samsung UN40JU7100 Review

The Good: Great colors, low motion blur, low input lag.

The Bad: Mediocre speakers, loss of color saturation at certain viewing angles. 

The Verdict: Samsung UN40JU7100 is a reliable 4k TV that has proven its worth by now. It comes with some flaws, but they don't affect the core performance of this TV. This Samsung is currently one of the best 4k TVs you can get in this price range. 

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JU7100 series of Samsung 4k TVs has been around for a while now. It's known for its outstanding performance and affordable price. It's a TV that is great for just about any kind of application, and one which brings a lot of great features. Samsung UN40JU7100 is a 40" version of this TV, and the one we will be taking a look at today. 

Design and Features

Samsung UN40JU7100 design is very sleek, although it features slightly thicker bezels than what is standard on the market these days. The material doesn't feel cheap, and the TV is stable thanks to a well made stand. It's not a curved design, but that is to be expected in this price range. Samsung UN40JU7100 comes with one the standard input side panel that contains one USB port, one Ethernet port, and one Connect Mini port among others. There is no direct HDMI input, but you get a One Connect mini box that serves as a hub, and comes with 4 HDMI, 2 USB, and one Digital Audio Optical Out. 

Samsung UN40JU7100 offers great performance for the price. You get vivid colors despite a a narrow color gamut, and you can easily calibrate them to find a perfect setup. This TV has no problem with upscaling 1080p resolution, and it produces miniscule amounts of blur. This makes it great both for watching sports and gaming. Speaking of which, the input lag is at very decent 26 ms, and combined with a 60Hz refresh rate, you can expect a good gaming experience. There are couple of flaws to this TV. When you are looking at it from an angle, you will see a noticeable loss of color saturation. This can potentially be a problem depending on where you place the TV. Speakers that come with Samsung UN40JU7100 are mediocre at best, and it's best to use a dedicated set. 

Software and apps that come with Samsung UN40JU7100 are functional and work great. You get all the major apps such as Netflix, Youtube, Pandora, and many others. Navigating these is made easy thanks to a well thought out remote and voice command feature. 


  • Display Type: LED 
  • Resolution: 4k Ultra HD
  • Refresh Rate: 120Hz
  • WiFi: Yes 
  • Smart Functionality: Yes 
  • Input: 4 HDMI, 3 USB


Samsung UN40JU7100 is undoubtedly a great TV, and while it has certain flaws, it offers a more than good performance where it counts the most. It's not the largest TV you can get in this price range, but it's certainly the best value for the money at the moment. 

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