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Digital Photo Recovery Review

The Good:  The picture recovery software offers a good recovery solution for photo loss scenarios involving formatted or corrupt disks.

The Bad:  There is lack of adequate support and the software takes very long to complete the scan and recovery process.

The Verdict: As long as you can sit through the recovery process, this photo recover software is decent.

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What makes Digital great photo recovery software?

With Digital, you can recover a good number of your lost photos. The iamge recovery software can also be used to recover videos and music. For a software of its caliber, it does surprisingly well at recovering pictures off storage disks with over 70% success rate. To complete a scan however, takes more than an hour and half to complete. This is the worst waiting time amongst all the picture recovery program we have looked at.  Interesting, the company (Galaxy), has been in business for over two decades with many users finding this software useful.  Their software lacks all the perks and bonuses that make other top software tick, but it is still able to do a good job at recovering all lost data.

If you are looking for ways to hasten up the recovery process or the program scan, you are out of luck as the photo recoverer offers very little in terms of extra features.  Using the software is basically the same as what is obtainable with other programs. You have to choose the drive that contains the photos you are looking to scan. After you have chosen the correct drive, clicking “next” sets the software in motion.  At the end of the lengthy scan, there will be a preview window from where you can weed out photo types you do not want to recover.  The preview is in a tile grid. After the scan has been completed, the recovery process kicks in, saving the files to a location already pre-assigned by you. The recovery process doesn’t take as much time as the scanning though. There is equally an option to check for new updates to the software. Use this option from time to time so as to benefit from the regular changes made by galaxy from time to time.

While using Digital, the possibility of damaging your computer or other files on your hard drive is slim. This is because it is easy to choose your desired drive while the scan and recovery process can be completed in three easy steps. With this program, there are no confusing  features to be worried about bit file recovery experts will find the lack of added features to be underwhelming or even disappointing.

It will take over 2 hours to scan a 16GB drive with over 500 files.  This scan time will be deemed unrealistic by many and it is perfectly understandable. The recovery results are however, very impressive. So it is a case of how much time are you willing to give up as sacrifice to recover your lost photos. If you find the time to be too lengthy for your liking, you can choose any of our other top rated image recovery software.  If you can afford to wait, you will get similar recovery results to some of the top rated deleted picture recovery program.

The support on offer from Galaxy is a little complicated and the only way to get your questions answered is by submitting a query through the contact page.  Unfortunately, it takes more than 48 hours to get a response from the company.  The only other option outside submitting a ticket is to read through the FAQ page for answers to any question you may have.  There is no knowledge base or tutorial on the software itself. The reasoning is that the software is straightforward and easy to use but this is not the right disposition to have. The recovery process is far from easy and for newbies, it is common to get frustrated or lost in the process. The only way to remain level headed is by seeking help from support forms like in-built wizards, help topics etc. or by discussing with a customer representative online. So, the company is lacking a great deal in this category.

Why choose Digital as your picture recovery program?

  • Straightforward user interface
  • High recovery success rate
  • Advanced preview options
  • Support for all storage devices

System Requirements

  • Processor: Pentium Class
  • Operating System: Windows 8 / 7 / Vista / XP / 2000 / NT
  • Memory: GB recommended
  • Hard Disk: 50 MB of free space

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