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ESO Allstars Review

The Good: A basic all-in-one guide covering three main topics: Leveling, PVP and Gold.

The Bad: A subscription based model for a very basic guide. Overtime, this could turn out to be an expensive option with little value.

The Verdict: The game claims to cover the three points any gamer could ever want to know about: Leveling, PvP and Gold. With it, it directly missed crafting and character build. Too bad. We would advice to invest your money in a different Elder Scrolls Online leveling guide.

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What makes ESO All Stars a great ESO leveling guide?

Quite frankly, nothing much. The guide appears to be set up just like the site has been. A quick creation to grab some cash. Many claims are being made, like the guide being professionally written and community driven. We couldn’t find evidence to either. 

In case you would like to give it a try, please keep us posted on whether the 60-day money back guarantee holds up. You’ll need it.

Concerning you choice in ESO leveling guide, we would advice you to have a look at one of the other guides in our comparison.

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