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Dr. Drum Review

The Good: A fantastic, all-round product, great for creating professional sounding beats in minutes and accessible by anyone. The best beat making software on the market today.

The Bad: Not the best website.

The Verdict: The absolutely best beat creator available, at a solid price and with an amazing line of features for everyone, ranging from the beginning beat maker to the beat making professional. 

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What makes Dr. Drum great beat making software?

Dr. Drum is a hugely powerful and innovative piece of kit. Compatible with both Mac and PC, no user is going to be left wanting. A big feature that is unique to Dr. Drum is its ability to analyse any sound you input and it can detect the note that the sound is in, and then it can adapt and recreate your other notes to compliment it by giving you all four octaves in a single sound sample, allowing you huge creative potential from just a few notes. This is representative of Dr. Drum’s modern and creative approach to creating the best beats.

Dr. Drum is entirely self-contained and as a result, all you need is the software to get it going and working. It doesn’t require any external peripherals such as a MIDI keyboard, and comes with a huge array of appealing sounds and instrument notes that you can edit and put into your mix.

Providing a range of tutorials and video help, for free, this is the best beat making software for beginners to get started with and grow to be advanced with, as this is a beat creator that also provides for experienced users. Containing a 16 track sequencer, you can save huge amounts of time and create multiple pieces of great music very quickly, and saves jumping around through menus, especially given the sleek interface. Each sequence can be adjusted, played, stopped and edited individually. Also very well included is a YouTube uploader, allowing direct uploads from Dr. Drum to YouTube, again saving time, and allowing publishing of your works quickly and easily.

A fantastic 12 pad drum machine is included and certainly lives up to the name of the program. Providing twelve pads and many, many kits that can be applied, this is fantastic for creating beats. It is very intuitive, meaning you can be creating great sounds from no experience very quickly, and great customisation options allow editing individual edits of each pad, and even a drag-and-drop feature for your own sounds onto the kit – allowing for enormous customisation and creativity.

Dr. Drum provides an almost unlimited level of adaptability and usability for users of all abilities. It is a truly great beat maker for creating beats for personal enjoyment or for public consumption. It’s innovative and adaptable, and hugely capable. If you are looking for a program that will allow you to create the beats you want to create, quickly and with great customisation, then this is definitely the program for you.


Why choose Dr. Drum as your beat making software?

  • Strong and powerful software
  • Advanced interface
  • Hugely accessible
  • Professional-level creation of beats
  • Fantastic versatility



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