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VIZIO M55-C2 Review

The Good: Great contrast, low input lag, attractive price. 

The Bad: Noticeable blur, metal feet that limit where you can place this TV. 


The Verdict: For a TV that can easily compete with VIZIO P-Series, while costing less, VIZIO M55-C2 is a great value for the money at the moment. 

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Although it is priced lower than the P-Series TVs, VIZIO M55-C2 offers an equally good performance, if not better in some cases. It's a budget TV that is priced very competitively, and offers a relatively large display and some other interesting features.

Design and Features

VIZIO M55-C2 sports a very attractive and stylish design. The bezels are average, and the whole TV looks like a high quality product. VIZIO M55-C2 doesn't come with a stand, but instead uses four metal feet placed on the farthest ends of the lower bezel. While it's a practical solution, the fact remains that you will need to pay attention to where you plan on placing this TV as that surface needs to be at least as wide as the TV. Inputs are limited to 5 HDMI, 1 USB, 1 Ethernet, 1 Digital Optical Audio Out, 1 RCA Audio Out, 1 RF In, 1 Composite In, and 1 Component IN port. Built in speakers are below average and produce too much distortion to be of any use in the long run. 

The picture is great and VIZIO M55-C2 upscales fine at 1080p. Any lower than that and the quality starts to go down significantly. Colors are good, and the factory settings require least amounts of tweaking in order to utilize the full potential of this TV. There is a good amount of blur present with VIZIO M55-C2, which is definitely noticeable. VIZIO M55-C2's app is very basic and offers limited features and app support. However, it's fairly easy to navigate, especially with the QWERTY remote that comes with this TV. 


  • Display Type: LED 
  • Resolution: 4k Ultra HD
  • Refresh Rate: 120Hz
  • Ethernet: Yes 
  • Smart Functionality: Yes 
  • Input: 5 HDMI, 1 USB


VIZIO M55-C2 is a true budget TV, which is obvious considering what it offers. While it doesn't bring all the fancy features, it performs more than great. It's very well priced for those with a tight budget who want to get into the 4k tech. 

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