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Timberland White Ledge Review

The Good: Lightweight full leather design, affordable price tag, good ventilation.

The Bad: Questionable build quality, no waterproofing membrane, low traction, lack of ankle stability. 

The Verdict: Timberland White Ledge is a decent entry level hiking boot that can be used for short hikes, but is better suited for working outdoors. The build quality however leaves much to be desired. 


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Timberland White Ledge is an affordable full leather boot that gets the job done, but doesn't offer much more than that. It is a great choice for a work boot, as it is well put together, but longer hikes may prove to be an issue. Aside from the Timberland logo on the side, these boots sport a generic look that has no outstanding aesthetic features. 


Full leather upper with low number of seams is the main advantage of Timberland White Ledge. While it is definitely well made, the quality of materials is not great at all. The leather is low quality and that becomes obvious as soon as you open the box. After some use, the top metal eyelets will start to bend and can break off if you're not careful. The sole, while providing great traction in wet conditions, doesn't score too high overall, and is remarkably soft compared to something like Vibram. For a boot that doesn't have a waterproofing membrane, Timberland White Ledge manages to keep the water out surprisingly well. One of the main design features of Timberland White Ledge is their light weight, especially considering the full leather upper. 

Comfort and Stability

The collar and the upper tongue of the boot are well padded and very comfortable. However this padding doesn't offer much stability. The sole is wider than most, and is a stable platform. Using these for hiking becomes a bit problematic after several miles as these boots don't flex too well. They are definitely a way better work boot than a hiking boot. Since there is no waterproofing membrane, Timberland White Ledge breathe very well for a full leather design. 


  • Leather
  • Rubber sole
  • Low number of seams
  • No waterproofing


For short hikes, Timberland White Ledge is a great affordable choice. However, this boot is more geared towards working outside and general use. While definitely not bad for the price, Timberland could have delivered a more durable boot. 

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