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Suunto Core Review

The Good: Simple and durable design, accurate altimeter with advanced features, affordable. 

The Bad: Occasional software issues. 

The Verdict: Suunto Core is nowhere near as feature packed as Ambit or Traverse, but it offers the basic package and great functionality at an affordable price. It's a great entry level altimeter sport watch. 

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Sunto Core is a sport watch that comes at an affordable price, while retaining most functions you would expect to have in an altimeter watch. It has been around for a while, and with the recent reduction in price, it's one of the best value for the money products of this type. 


Like most Suunto watches, Core features a very simple design with several bezel versions. These range from the most basic, to more busy rotating bezels similar to those you can find on diving watches. The wrist band is made of rubber, and is of decent quality. It's not too large in size, and is comfortable to wear. 


Suunto Core offers a basic set of features, and belongs to a category of Suunto watches that don't have a GPS module. What you get is the altimeter, barometer, thermometer, and compass. When it comes to its altimeter, it's one of the most accurate on the market. It measures altitude in increments of 1 meter, or 3 feet. Most of the competition offers increments of 3 meters, or 10 feet. Suunto Core offers altitude logging, and tracks your ascents and descents for seven days. You can view this information in form of a graph. 

Compass is pretty standard for a Suunto. It allows you to adjust declination, and track compass bearings. It's not accurate enough for more serious use, but shows fairly reliable data. Suunto Core is waterproof down to 100 feet, while it can measure the depth to 30 feet. Battery life is decent for a watch with basic set of features, and will last you for a year. 


  • Altimeter
  • Barometer
  • Compass
  • Thermometer


Suunto core is becoming more and more of a bargain as its price keeps going down. For what it offers, it's a great watch. There are some issues when it comes to the software it uses, which can start acting out, but this is fairly rare. If you need only the basic features of an altimeter watch, Suunto Core is a great choice at the moment. 

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