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Suunto Ambit3 Review

The Good: Great build quality, numerous useful features, GPS navigation, activity tracker. 

The Bad: You can't change the settings on the watch without having a Bluetooth enabled phone or another other device.

The Verdict: It's the best option on the market that comes with great features, build quality, and performance. 

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Currently, there is hardly a better and more useful altimeter watch on the market than Suunto Ambit3. It just blows away most of the competition with its rich features, great build quality, and design solutions that have proven to be a hit. It offers a considerable upgrade in performance compared to its successful predecessor, the Ambit2, and it also comes in three configurations: Peak, Sport, and Run. 


There are not many design differences between Suunto Ambit2 and Suunto Ambit3. The bezel has received a facelift, but the watch has retained its classic appearance. One major improvement is the strap. The new Suunto Ambit3 wrist strap is far more comfortable than that of its predecessor, and makes it easy for you to find a perfect fit. Ambit3 design is every bit as durable and rugged as the Ambit2 was, and it does a great job at resisting being scratched and damaged.


The amount of features you get depends on which version of the watch you choose. For example Ambit3 Sport comes without a barometer/altimeter, but is also $100 cheaper than the Ambit3 Peak. With that said, lets make a rundown of what this watch is capable of. To start, you get the standard time/date/barometric information that we are used to. The altimeter shows altitude in increments of 3 feet, and also sports a graphical display. While you are in this mode, you will also see the temperature in Celsius. 

The compass is pretty much regular, but it is precise. It only shows the degrees, and an arrow which points north. The GPS module is great, and gives accurate information. You can easily use this watch for navigation without any issues. Next are stopwatch and countdown timer which are self explanatory. Suunto Ambit3 comes with an activity tracker that features all the goodies you would expect. It will track your speed, distance traveled, and similar. Ambit3 is Bluetooth enabled, and can be paired with various devices. However, it's not the most practical solution. You can also customize the Ambit3 to a great extent using the Movescount software. This app allows you download templates and presets that best fit your needs. 

The battery life is great, and will last for up to several weeks depending on how you use the watch. If you have GPS turned on, the battery life will be significantly shorter as you would expect. Ambit3 comes with a chest strap heart rate monitor that connects to your watch using Bluetooth. Just like this watch, the chest strap is waterproof and can be used while swimming. 


  • GPS Tracking & Navigation
  • Altimeter
  • Barometer
  • Weather Information
  • Speed and Distance
  • Heart Rate
  • Multisports feature


Suunto Ambit3 is probably the best altimeter watch on the market. Its performance is incredible, and can barely be matched by any other product of this kind on the market. Build quality is outstanding, and the data it offers is very accurate. No matter what your intended application is, you can't go wrong with Suunto Ambit3. 

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