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Rockland Melbourne Expandable Carry-On Review

The Good: 100% ABS hard body, ability to expand.

The Bad: Quality of certain elements is sub-par, possible inconsistencies in size and design of the carry-on. 

The Verdict: At its price, Rockland Melbourne Expandable Carry-on offers a great solution to those who are looking for a durable carry-on that sports a hard-body design. It certainly has flaws, but for a budget piece of luggage it is more than good. 

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A hard-body ABS carry-on that is easy to travel with and offers extra room for your belongings. It's not the best choice if you often reach for your carry-on to take or add things, but it offers additional protection in a very simple package. 

Exterior Design

Rockland Melbourne Expandable Carry-On is made of 100% ABS that uses a standard zipper closing system. The ABS is fairly durable and will survive even the most ruthless airports you can encounter. Rockland Melbourne sports wheels for easier transport, along with an aluminum handle of questionable quality. If you overload this carry-on, the handle may start to give way under load. There are four plastic stand on the side of the Rockland Melbourne that allow you to lay it down on the ground without damaging it. This carry-on is lightweight and has no exterior compartments. 

Interior Design

On the inside you will find a layout typical for hard-body luggage. There is a main storage compartment secured by elastic straps, and a secondary compartment separated by a synthetic membrane which sports a mesh pocket. The carry-on is lined with synthetic fabric that is fairly easily damaged, and needs to be used with some caution. One of the main features of Rockland Melbourne is its ability to expand. There is a secondary zipper that adds several inches of space when unzipped. 


  • 22" x 15" x 11"
  • 100% Abs
  • Ability to expand
  • Multi-directional wheels


For the price, Rockland Melbourne Expandable Carry-On offers great protection and additional versatility. The build quality is not too great when it comes to certain elements of this carry-on, but is alright if you handle this piece of luggage with some caution. One thing to note is that there were some inconsistencies in size and design of these carry-ons, leading us to believe that quality control is not too great. 

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Rockland Melbourne Expandable Carry-On