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R-Studio Review

The Good: The data rescue tool offered by R-Studio is great at helping you recover all types of lost files and handle all categories of file deletion, including the more advanced RAID functions.

The Bad: This software is certainly not for individuals that are not tech-savvy as it is significantly more difficult to use than other software we have reviewed.

The Verdict: This program is meant for use when the data restoration situation is challenging. You can restore files even in the face of difficult partition and disk problems. It is also possible to recover files remotely using this software. An advanced tool for advanced users, worthy of a third place in the best data recovery software review of 2018.

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What makes R-Studio good data recovery software?

Using R-Studio you can recover your lost files from any storage device. This covers USB devices, floppy disks, CDs and DVDs, memory cards, externally connected disks etc. Even when files that are unrecognized are lost, you can get the software to find it by entering specific details to enable the software find them. The software can recover data on the same PC it was installed and it can equally recover files from any devices attached and accessible from the host computer. With the network version of the software, it is easy to recover files over an internet connection or through a network.

The file recovery software does a great job at attempting to restore data following certain hard disk problems. Some of these problems include disks with bad sectors, reformatting, virus attacks and partition changes. Using its components, this software recovers a damaged RAID by creating a virtual RAID.  The newly created RAID is able to process data like the original array.  This software is able to restore virtually all test files. In many cases lost folders get recovered intact instead of being divided into separate files.

Using this software, you are virtually guaranteed to find all the recovery tools you will ever need to achieve results.  It offers a variety of scan options, disk imaging capabilities, etc.  The software is complex when compared to other recovery software but if all you want to do is to restore deleted files, the tool specified for this is very easy to use.  This software will be appreciated most by individuals facing a difficult file recovery situation.

It is possible to recover your files using R-Studio even when the computer is unbootable. All that needs to be done is to remove the hard-drive and connect it to a computer running the software. Alternatively, you can run the tool with a USB drive or other startup bootable device.

The tasks are not easy but they are very useful for individuals that need it.  The disk-imaging feature of the software makes it easy to create images of the damaged disk for safe restoration.  Since full images are often large, there is the option of partial imaging. These images can be stored on smaller storage devices like a USB drive or a DVD.

Advanced tools that can be found on this tool include the ability to create a virtual RAID, regions and unique file types. It is also possible to configure scan options using this software. The hexadecimal editor is also a good advanced feature that may not be appreciated by individuals who are not conversant with the language in advanced restorations.

Like all good file recovery software, R-Studio allows you to sort your files according to date, size and type. This makes it easy to find deleted files after recovery. Without these sorting tools, it will be very difficult to complete a recovery. Even when you are looking for a deleted file, most recovery software will pull deleted files from months ago giving you a selection problem to deal with without the sort and filter option.

Using the advanced search and filter tool on R-Studio, you can view a detailed description of files and also view drive scan maps.  The advanced tools will allow you to search specific locations or string options.  For most users, these tools are irrelevant but many experts will find these tools invaluable.

The company understands that the software recovery process can be difficult and stressful. So they have provided the best they can in terms of technical support. If you need assistance while using this software, you can revert to the detailed user guide or talk to the company by email or phone during working days/hours. In many cases, enquiries are responded to on the same business day.

There is also a user forum covering hundreds of topics and customers are attended to in English and French. The company has an active social media presence as well.


Why choose R-Studio as your data recovery software?

  • Standard Windows explorer interface
  • Data rescue over a network or internet
  • Wide range of supported file systems
  • Damaged RAID file recovery
  • Disk imaging
  • Recognition of localized names


System Requirements

  • Processor: Pentium Processors
  • RAM: 512 MB minimum
  • Hard Disk: 50 MB
  • Operating Systems: Win95/98/ME/NT/2000/XP/2003/Vista/2008/Windows 7/Windows 8



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