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Misfit Shine Review

The Good: Simple and versatile design, great battery life, waterproof. 

The Bad: Most basic features, lack of visible display, syncing issues. 

The Verdict: Misfit Shine is a compromise that allows you to use fitness tracking features at a very affordable price. It can't compete with more established brands and models, but it delivers the core performance you need.  

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Minimalist design, basic features, and a battery life of six months are some of the most noticeable things about Misfit Shine. It's a versatile fitness tracker that offers a limited performance but is also very affordable and capable of giving you pretty much all the most important information that you would expect from a fitness tracker. 


There is nothing quite like it on the market. Misfit Shine has an outline of a watch, and is about the same thickness like one as well. It doesn’t have a display, but instead uses 12 LEDs to inform you of your progress and other notifications. Although it fits well with the overall simplistic design of the device, a display of some sort would have been much more appreciated. Misfit Shine comes with a rubber band that is removable. Aside from wearing it around your wrist, you can also clip it to your clothes. It's a very inconspicuous fitness tracker that looks more like a piece of jewelry than a wearable device.


Misfit Shine will track and record your walks or runs and your calories, while it also has several activity modes. Each one is dedicated to a different type of activity like swimming, cycling, and sleep. The device is waterproof to 5 ATM, and can be submerged. It doesn't offer heart rate monitoring, nor does it have GPS support. All of your stats can be accessed using the app that now works on Android version 4.3 and newer, along with most Apple devices. The app itself is simple and easy to use, but it also offers the most rudimentary features.  

Misfit Shine battery will last for six months, and will need to be replaced once depleted since there is no way to charge it. One thing that is noticeable right away is how hard it can be to sync Misfit Shine with your smart phone. You will have to hold it very close to the phone in order to get the job done. 


  • Basic activity tracker
  • 6 months battery life
  • Waterproof to 5 atm 
  • Minimalist design


Compared to other, more established fitness trackers, Misfit Shine is a compromise. It's not the best looking, or the most functional device on the market, but it gets the job don fairly well. It has a good battery life, and is easy to use. The lack of an LCD display, and basic features can be attributed to its low price. It's definitely a budget option. 

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