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How To Read A Man Review

The Good: This guide on how to make him love you does a good job at exposing the male psyche.  It shows methods to trigger the protective instincts of your man. The book is very clearly detailed and the support on offer is top quality.

The Bad:  The book does not help women looking for for their ideal partner. You will need to have a man first before being able to read him right.

The Verdict: A great book to learn more about the male psyche. Designed for women in a relationship that are interested in understanding their men on a more fundamental level.

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What makes How To Read A Man a good guide?

The main focus of this how to make him want you guide is to help women develop a proper understanding of what their men want, what they are thinking and how they will react in certain situations. Using this information, you can make the man do anything you want for you.  You will no longer have to fight or argue to keep him as you will know the ways to appeal to his emotions.

Most of the time, you will find men to be insensitive but instead of wallowing in the frustration, this guide on how to make him love you will teach you some  lessons  on how compromise can help you retain a healthy  and happy relationship.

Unlike what is obtainable with most dating advice guides, this book highlights the importance of understanding, appreciation and compromise in a relationship apart from how to meet men. This will help you avoid those manipulative female behaviors and judgmental actions that lead to broken relationships.

The guide offers women a shot at better understanding of the male psyche. If you understand how men think, it will be easier to improve an unhappy relationship. The guide is different from many others because it doesn’t have the complex relationship theories. Many of these theories make no meaning to the average reader and should be confined to psychology classrooms.  So if you prefer reading step by step and easy to understand guides, this one is for you.

The guide teaches you practical ways to activate the male protector and provider switch. When this is done, you will become dear to him and he will easily do your bidding without feeling compelled to do so. The relationship help shared by the book is sensible and practical. All the actions and ideas can be easily replicated in real life.

The guide comes in chapters and each one is broken down fully to help you fully understand the information being focused on.  The quick recall section at the end of the chapters offers you a quick reminder of the major points discussed in the chapter.

The guide comes in two formats. The audio format is for individuals who do not like reading while the PDF format is for those who prefer to read.   You get to decide which format you want after confirmation of payment. Apart from the main manual, there is a bonus report which details the 7 mistakes you should avoid as a woman.

For the information contained therein, this guide is decently priced. Therefore, even though it will not appeal to you if you do not have a partner already, it is definitely worth having in your arsenal. You will be better prepared when you finally get into a relationship as you will have the answer to the question “what do men want?” in your hands.

Why choose How To Read A Man as your guide?

  • It offers in-depth tips and advice
  • It  offers real life replicable examples
  • Review sections at the end of each chapter
  • Doesn’t contain bogus theories
  • Easy to read and understand

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