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Hi-Tec Altitude V Review

The Good: Good choice for a work boot, warm, great traction in dry conditions, good stability, comfortable. 

The Bad: Loose fit, waterproofing known to fail, bad ventilation due to full leather build. 

The Verdict: Hi-Tec Altitude V are overall a decent pair of boots for light hiking or work in cold weather conditions. They are fairly durable and are a good choice for the price.


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A full leather hiking boot that works great for everyday use, all while keeping your feet warm even in cold weather conditions. For this price, it is one of the best balanced options you can find. It's reinforced in all the right places, and does the job its intended to do. It's not an overly attractive piece of footwear, but it performs great. 


Design wise, this is just a basic full leather hiking boot with no exciting details or attractive aesthetic features. It's designed to get the work done, and keep your feet safe and warm. Hi-Tec Altitude V sports a well balanced fork shank that offers more flexibility than your usual steel shank. The full leather design is fully padded, especially around the collar, and offers increased ankle protection. Waterproofing is achieved with a low number of seams in the boot's design, and a proprietary waterproofing technology. It keeps the water out with limited success as you will start to get leaks in certain places if you keep your feet submerged for more than couple of minutes. Traction is not the best in wet conditions, but on dry terrain the soles work just fine. 

Comfort and Stability

Hi-Tec Altitude V hiking boots are fairly comfortable thanks to large amounts of padding around the ankle area, although a snug fit will take some time to achieve due to the fact that the leather needs to be broken in a little. These are rather spacious boots, and for someone with a narrow foot, they may appear to be loose. On one hand this may become a nuisance, while on the other hand it allows you to wear more than one pair of socks. Hi-Tec Altitude V hiking boots don't breathe all too well. 

With a rigid midsole and a wide heel, Hi-Tec Altitude V Hiking Boots offer great stability. The ankle is supported by the leather design of the upper which doesn't lack flexibility. Overall these boots offer enough support for backpacking with light to medium loads. 


  • Leather and Synthetic
  • Rustproof metal hardware
  • Compression molded EVA
  • Waterproof full grain leather upper


For the price, Hi-Tec Altitude V hiking boot offer a good balance of durability, comfort and function. They may not be the best choice for a long hike, but they are more than great for light hiking and everyday use. Hi-Tec Altitude V hiking boots are warm enough to be used in the winter, although you should definitely avoid stepping into larger, deep puddles. These have their pros and cons, but are definitely a great choice for a light hiking/work boot.

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