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Good to Great by Jim Collins Review

The book title pretty much explains what this book talks about. It offers an empirical answer to the question 'can a company go from good to great, and if so, how?' Jim Collins gathered a team of people and over the period of five years they have examined a number of successful companies in order to figure out what factors and decisions made them great. The summary of that research is this book. 

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What is the book about? 

During the 1990s, Jim Collins and a group of researchers performed a case study whose goal was to figure out what separates the mediocre companies from the really great ones. In order to find this out, Jim and his group looked into the histories of 28 different companies, some of which are among the most successful today, and some that never reached this level. In their study, Jim and his team of researchers uncovered some of the core principles of success that can be applied to almost any company today, and yield positive results. 

This book explains different factors that all influence the way your company will grow, and how successful it can be. These factors range from different types of financial reasoning and decision making, to types of people in leadership positions. Basically what Jim Collins and his team did, is find a set of strategies that all of the successful companies in his study used, which yielded similar results regardless of the different industries these companies are a part of. 

Why should you read this book? 

If you own a small company, or plan to create one, this book can really help you grow your business into a successful enterprise. It doesn't offer a shortcut to greatness, but rather shows you what is necessary to reach that level of success. It covers some interesting topics that are relevant to all enterprises, no matter what industry they belong to. 


Good to Great by Jim Collins is a study that can help you grow your business. It's not a silver bullet that will solve all of your problems overnight, but it is information that can help you and point you to the right direction that is optimal for the growth of your business. 

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