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Garmin Fenix 3 Review

The Good: Lots of advanced and versatile features, smart capabilities, incredible battery life. 

The Bad: Large and clunky design, large and heavy battery. 

The Verdict: While it's not the most comfortable watch to use every day, Garmin Fenix 3 definitely offers a lot of great features, some of which you wont find in another watch of this kind. When you put it all on paper, benefits greatly outweigh the drawbacks.


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Garmin is trying to break into the top category of altimeter watches, and Fenix 3 proves they are on a great track. It's a more refined design compared to the previous version, and is something designed for hardcore users. As you will soon find out, it comes packed with usual and some unusual features, which all make it a great choice for just about anyone. 


Previous version of Garmin Fenix was gigantic. It was so large it almost looked comical. Fenix 3 brings reduced size, although it is still fairly large. It comes with a rubber band, although a metal one is available with the Sapphire version of this watch. However, it turns out that the metal band makes this watch too heavy, and while it looks cool, it's definitely not practical. Design of the watch itself is pretty simple and clean with a very basic bezel. 


When it comes to features, Garmin Fenix 3 offers all the standard ones you would expect. This means that you get the altimeter, barometer, compass, and GPS navigation. Aside from GPS, Fenix 3 also comes with GLONASS support which allows you to get more precise positioning. Fenix 3 offers a full activity tracker suit that features numerous modes geared towards different types of activities. For each mode, you will have access to an array of different data and parameters that you don't usually see. It does support a heart rate monitor, but you will need to use a strap to get that feature. 

What Fenix 3 introduces are some smart-device features that you won't usually find on sport watches of this kind. You can preview text messages, incoming calls, and more, all on your wrist. You could say that Fenix 3 borrows some solutions from Garmin's Vivoactive smart watch. 

Battery life is one of the main selling points of Fenix 3, and it's just amazing. If you don't use any of the advanced features, the battery will last you for 5 weeks. With GPS this time gets reduced to 20 hours, which is substantially more than the competition. This does have its downsides as the larger battery definitely increases the weight of the watch. 


  • GPS Tracking & Navigation With GLONASS Support
  • Altimeter
  • Barometer
  • Detailed Activity
  • Multiple Modes for Different Activities
  • Smart Features


Garmin Fenix 3 is a great sport watch that shows the effort Garmin is putting into perfecting their product. It offers some features you won't usually find elsewhere, but it also has some problems that need to be ironed out. It's a heavy and clunky watch, but if you can live with that you will have a great tool for your outdoor adventures. 

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