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Fitbit Charge HR Review

The Good: Simple to use, tracks all the important stats, heart rate monitor that doesn't require chest straps, great battery life. 

The Bad: Lack of GPS, wrist strap still causing irritation.

The Verdict: Fitbit Charge HR performs great for the price you're expected to pay. The skin irritation issue is not exclusive to Fitbit Charge HR, and is a common with several fitness trackers. It's definitely a good choice for casual and advanced users.

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Fitbit Charge HR is a fitness tracker that offers a noticeable upgrade compared to its more basic siblings such as Fitbit Charge and Fitbit Flex. It's a well designed, and pretty accurate device that comes packed with practical features. Fitbit Charge HR is the best value for the money in their line up of fitness trackers, and is currently one of the best devices you can pick up for a reasonable price. 


When it comes to its design, Fitbit Charge HR comes with a standard wrist band that uses an also standard buckle you will find on an average watch. The device itself is a part of the wrist band, with all of the sensors located on its back side. Fitbit Charge HR comes in a number of colors, but we still think that black works best. Device features a small, but very easy to read OLED display that shows the time, calories, distance traveled and similar stats. You can cycle through these modes by pressing a small button next to the display. One thing to note is that the wristband is known to cause skin irritation, which is an issue that is yet to be solved.  


Fitbit Charge HR will track a number of valuable stats while you wear it. One of the best features of this device is the fact that it can track your heart rate on its own, compared to other devices that often times use a chest strap for this purpose. Activity tracker will tell you how many steps you've taken, how many calories you've burned, floors climbed, distance traveled, and overall active minutes. Since Fitbit Charge HR  doesn't use GPS, the data related to the distance traveled and how many steps you've taken isn't too accurate. Fitbit Charge HR is also capable of tracking your sleep cycles and will tell you how well you've slept. It comes with a silent vibrating alarm as well. 

Exercise tracker is designed to keep you informed of all of your vital stats as you are working out. It's live data that you can view at any time. With all the data recorded, you can review and compare your exercise stats later. You can also connect your Fitbit Charge HR to your smart phone, and it will show you caller ID if your phone starts ringing nearby. Fitbit Charge HR is rated at 1ATM water resistance, which means it's splash proof, but definitely not waterproof. It's not recommended that you submerge this device. 

The app that comes with Fitbit Charge HR is fairly simple and basic. It easy enough to navigate and access information regarding specific stats. It usually syncs quickly and has no pairing problems. Battery life is excellent and you can expect your Fitbit Charge HR to run for several days before you need to charge it. To do so, Fitbit provides a proprietary cable that uses magnetic hooks to connect to the device. 


  • Activity Tracking
  • Auto Sleep 
  • Silent Alarm
  • Exercise Mode + SmartTrack
  • Caller ID


Fitbit Charge HR allows you to monitor all the important stats with a device that won't break your bank account. It's not the most accurate fitness tracker on the market, but it offers great performance for the price. The only real downside to this device is the lack of GPS which is becoming an industry standard, and the fact that the wrist strap is still causing skin irritation after longer use. 

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