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Data Rescue PC Review

The Good: Using this software, you can restore files from a computer even when Windows is not running on the computer. The software equally works seamlessly over a network connection. It is one of the right tools for people who value ease of use.

The Bad: Although the software has a good preview tool, the search and sort options is limited in comparison to what is on offer with other products thereby elongating the search process.

The Verdict: Data Recovery PC is one of the best data rescue tools out there today. Especially for those users that have a problem where Windows is unable to run, this recovery tool is excellent. An easy to access to tool with some advanced features, deservedly of the second place in the best data recovery software review of 2018.

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What makes Data Rescue PC great data recovery software?

Data Rescue PC does a decent job at recovering files from a wide range of devices. Using the software, it is easy to restore files from mobile and camera data cards, USB devices, RAID arrays, altered partitions, and formatted drives. Even older floppy diskettes are not left out.  The software works with storage devices connected through, ATA, SATA, SCSI, EIDE, IDE and other interfaces. This means that regardless of the technology behind your storage device, you can trust this software to work for you. The software is not dependent on operating system so you can use it on Windows 2000 or Windows 7.

As long as your lost file has not been written over and not contained on a damaged disk, you can count on this software to restore your files. When you start the software, you will be provided with a detailed preview of what can be recovered. The file types that can be recovered include video, audio, images and documents.  It is also possible to restore data form raw files using this software. The disk cloner makes it easy to recover data in severe cases without running the risk of damaging or overwriting the file.

Recovering a large volume of lost files is a stressful process and this is why search, and filter tools are very helpful when recovering files. Data Rescue lacks a few features in this area but you can still sort files by type and date.  This removes the problems associated with lack of file name in files to be recovered. The software equally allows you to sort files based on the chances of the file being recovered. The rating is from excellent to poor. This makes it easy for users to ignore files with poor chances of recovery.

The software is already simple to use but it still comes with a comprehensive user guide that is helpful and easy to understand. Many people will find this guide very helpful at the first time of using the software. If you have questions not covered already in the guide, you can contact the manufacturers (Prosoft) via email or telephone. People who have severe problems can also enjoy professional data recovery services as offered by them.  From time to time, interesting and educational information on data rescue on their blogs. There is no support for chat on their website but they have an active presence of Social Media.


Why choose Data Rescue PC as your file recovery software?

  • Recovers all file types
  • Works with partially operating drives
  • Recovers lost, damaged and deleted files
  • Recovers media files from SDcards and camera cards
  • Can recover entire drive or selected files.


System Requirements

For running software as application

  • Windows 2000, Windows XP, Windows Vista, or Windows 7
  • Firewire, USB 2.0, or second hard drive (external or internal) to transfer recovered files to


For using included emergency boot CD

  • PC with CD-ROM Drive
  • 64MB of RAM
  • Intel or AMD Processor 300MHz or greater
  • Firewire, USB 2.0, or drive to recover files to



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