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Data Recovery Wizard Review

The Good: With the Data Recovery Wizard, it is possible to recover data from a variety of storage devices.

The Bad: There is no disk imaging feature and the customer service on offer leaves a lot to be desired.

The Verdict: The limited support on offer doesn’t overshadow the fact that the software is a decent data recovery tool. Although not the best file recovery software of 2018, it supports a wide range of file types and contains the possibility to recovery RAW data. 

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What makes Data Recovery Wizard great file recovery software?

Before you begin the restoration process, the application will remind you of the need to ensure you do not install the application on the drive you are looking to recover data from.  This is a very important warning that must be heeded because installation can easily override the data you are trying to recover making the recovery process impossible. You equally need to ensure that you have enough space to store the recovered data before you begin the process.  When trying to restore a word document, this is nothing to worry about but if you intend recovering all data on your disk pre formatting, you definitely need decent space. On launching the application you will be shown three options:  the Deleted File Recovery, Complete Recovery and Partition Recovery.

The Deleted File Recovery Module can be used to recover individual files on a system that can no longer be found.  The deletion does not only apply to when it was initiated by the user. It may be that a crash or virus has rendered the data unreadable. Using this software, you can quickly undelete files if the system is not broken or corrupt.

Files can only be recovered if they have not been overwritten by new data. So the chance of recovering data reduces with every day the computer remains in use after the file has been lost.  Data Recovery Wizard scans the connected drives and displays them in the drive overview. Within the overview window, you can choose the drive to recover lost data from.

The Data Recovery Wizard Scans the selected hard drive and storage device, displaying its findings on the next window.  The files and directories are displayed in the typical explorer fashion. The preview feature only works for images and texts and not all image file format types can be previewed. You can select files to be recovered from the preview using checkmarks. The next step in the recovery process is to configure the storage location. When this is selected, the software recovers the files, placing them in the location you have chosen. At this point, you can go back to the file listing to recover additional file types.

The complete recovery feature comes in handy if the drive is no longer accessible. Therefore it can be used after a hard disk crash, accidental formatting and all forms of corruption. If you choose this feature, you have to choose the hard drive that should be scanned by the software.  During the scan, the software searches for folders, partition tables, boot records among other information.

A list of partition will be displayed at the end of the scan, with each of them showing information such as file size, folder match and other information that will help you decide on which partition is the right one. You can choose up to four partitions for recovery. If no partitions are shown after the scan, exit the process and use the partition recovery feature instead.

The partition recovery is used when the complete recovery feature fails to find any partitions. The recovery process is the same as what is obtainable with complete recovery and deleted file recovery.


Why choose data recovery wizard as your file recovery software?

  • Ability to recover deleted files
  • Ability to recover data after formatting and hard drive crash
  • Ease of use
  • Easy data recovery from corrupt/inaccessible partitions


Supported Operating Systems

  • Windows 7
  • Windows Server 2008
  • Windows Vista
  • Windows Server 2003
  • Windows XP
  • Windows 2000



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